Google acquired a drone development company that can stay for a long time with a high altitude, what is its purpose?

A company that is based in the state of New Mexico in the United States and is developing a drone that can stay for a long time in the upper atmosphere of the atmosphere "Titan AerospaceWe announced the acquisition of.


Google to Buy Titan Aerospace as Web Giants Battle for Air Superiority -

Titan Aerospace is "Facebook is planning to acquire it with the aim of supplying the global scale Internet using droneCompanies that had been reported as ". Facebook is not a Titan Aerospace after all, a British company that is regarded as a competitor of Titan AerospaceAcquired "Ascenta"Did.

Although details on the acquisition have not been made clear, it is thought that Google aims to supply Internet connection anywhere in the world like Facebook. Google plans to provide internet connection using balloons in 2013Project LoonAccording to WSJ, Google said it will use Titan Aerospace's technology and know-how for Project Loon.

Titan Aerospace is developing a drone driven by solar, theoretically speaking Drone can permanently stay in the air.ForbesAccording to the two solar drive drones developed by Titan Aerospace can stay in the air for about 5 years, Google not only provides the Internet to the world, but also collects a lot of image data using a drone It is said that there is also a purpose to do.

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