Scientifically thinking about "How can I get out of ketchup that does not come easily?"

ByFrancois de Halleux

Even if I try to put ketchup, it is hard to come out and it is common for a lot of ketchup to squirt out suddenly after the trial and error, to dismantle the dish, dish out the dish, and make clothes get dirty. Scientifically analyzing its characteristics to capture such a huge ketchup would look something like this.

Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan | TED-Ed

Lecture on how to make ketchup successful is from the following movie.

Why is ketchup so hard to pour? - George Zaidan - YouTube

Ketchup is the best combination for French fries.

However, there are many cases that ketchup does not go out easily, and suddenly it is troublesome to come out in large quantities.

Let's examine the characteristics of this strange ketchup and explore how to make ketchup better.

If ketchup is solid like iron, it will not come out of the bottle.

If ketchup is a liquid like water, it will come out spilling out.

Is ketchup a solid or a liquid ...?

It is incompatible in case.

Water, oil, and alcohol, which are common liquids, change shapes smoothly.

If you press a bottle of oil twice as much ......

I will come out with the momentum of 2 times.

this isNewtonian fluidThe nature of.

But ketchup is not a Newtonian fluid.

Mayonnaise · tube paste · blood · paint · peanut butter etc does not change constantly according to external force.

The concentration of these fluids will change depending on the external force · time · (the external force applied) speed.

There are two points that ketchup differs from Newtonian fluid.

First characteristic.

When you press ketchup strongly, it will suddenly become "thin" and smooth.

Until a certain limit point is reached, ketchup shows a characteristic like a solid ... ...

When an external force exceeds the limit point, it becomes much thinner than before and changes to a smooth liquid state.

This is the reason why suddenly it comes out as a dead dowel.

Second characteristic.

Ketchup differs from Newton's fluid in that it changes not only by external force but also by time.

As time goes by, it may be suddenly smooth liquid.


The material of ketchup is tomato.

Tomatoes are finely carved, crushed, broken up into pieces and become ketchup.

Let's see about this particle.

Particles of tomato are surrounded by water · vinegar · sugar · spices.

Tomato particles are fluffy in such an environment.

When external forces are added quickly there ...

Although the tomato particles collide with each other, the mutual positional relationship does not change so much, and it does not reach the smooth fluid.

But when the great force works suddenly ...

Tomato particles are crushed and deformed. The sphere is like a rugby ball ... ....

In this way, liquid spaces are created around the particles, which makes ketchup easier to flow.

But why does it take longer if weak power took a long time?

Tomato particles that were evenly spread ... ...

The whole area gathers in the middle and the vicinity of the wall is covered with liquids other than particles ......

One possibility is to come out like a liquid.

Another possibility is that it takes a long time even with a weak force ......

The tomato particles gather together to form lumps, which means that spaces are born again and become liquefied easily.

When the strength of the external force exceeds the limit point, it suddenly becomes smooth, and ...

Even a small force will become smooth by joining for a long time.

Taking this characteristic into account, there are two ways to get ketchup well.

Would you move slowly for a long time ...?

Striking "Donku!" Do you add a huge amount of power?

However, always shake the bottle well each time you use it

Continue "wake up" so that tomato particles do not go to sleep ... ...

It is "true pro" to always use ketchup comfortably ...

It was a conclusion that neither body nor lid was said that "preparation is importance even if it gets impatient after it ceases to come out" is important.

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