Land Rover announces the world's first technology to make parts of the body "transparent"

It is a British SUV manufacturerLand RoverTechnology that allows you to check the road surface by part of the car body becoming "transparent"Transparent bonnet"We have developed it. By using this technology, we will be able to grasp the condition of the road surface at the front lower part of the body at an unprecedented level.

New Age of Discovery | Land Rover UK

When "transparent bonnet" is used, concept movie containing the appearance like how the road surface can be seen by the driver is released.

Land Rover Reveals Transparent Bonnet Concept - YouTube

A car running off-road. Running on a dirt road, you can see various ups and downs in front of you.

A small hill approaches in front of you. I am going to clear this ... ....

Through the bonnet seen behind the windshield through, I can see the foot on the feet!

If you try to animate that effect, it is like this. At first, I think that "Is there a need to become transparent?", But there is a sense of security that I saw rather than invisible. When looking carefully, the tilt and speed of the car body, the tearing angle of the tire etc are displayed at the lower right.

When you reach the vicinity of the top of the hill, you can not see the feet at all like this, and it seems to be floating in the air ... ...

Thanks to the transparent bonnet, it came to look like hand-picking the way the road surface is.

Even when going down the hill, you do not know where you can run if you do not know the road conditions ... ...

It is safe to see the road. Since it is possible to check the approximate position of the tire, it seems to be able to avoid places where slippery is easy.

In this "transparent bonnet", the camera attached to the front grill portion captures the situation of the road surface and the image is in front of the driverHead-up displaySo that it can be seen transparently through the hood. Since the bonnet does not actually disappear, the driver seems to be able to see the road surface in a translucent state. About this technology which is named "Transparent Bonnet" at the moment, the company says "It will raise the unparalleled function of Land Rover to the next level".

This "transparent bonnet" has been developed as a technology of the next-generation SUV and will be held from April 18New York International Auto Show 2014It is supposed to be made public.

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