New features of USB 3.1 include not only new connectors but also powerful power supply and AV equipment connection

Reversible type USB terminal establishedAlthough it is the USB 3.1 standard which becomes the latest version of the USB standard where attention gathers, it is being held from April 2, 2014IDF 14 ShenzhenPresentations made at the Intel Developer Forum 2014 revealed a number of new features beyond the traditional USB standards.

USB 3.1 10 Gbps, Power, Displays and Connectors

The contents of the slide of the presentation made at the site is this PDF file.

Enabling the Single Connector Client Platform Using USB 3.1 and the New USB Type-C Connector
(PDF file)

◆ Connect all peripherals with USB only
Using the maximum transfer speed of 10 Gbps, the concept of connecting all PC peripheral devices with USB 3.1. In addition to the connection of peripheral devices such as keyboard and mouse, external storage etc which was used conventionally, network, display, audio, and the surroundings of power supply are realized with USB connection.

It is supposed to be able to transfer HD video of 1080p or more, storage connection such as SSD and HDD, power supply just by connecting with the USB cable.

Due to the fact that the conventional USB cable that had multiple terminal shapes had problems with the connection between the devices, USB 3.1 changed the specification of the new connector specification to use the same shape at both ends It was done. Furthermore, it is aimed at facilitating connection with all kinds of devices through miniaturization. The size of the connector is 8.3 × 2.5 mm at the maximum, and it has been announced that it will become a reversible type that can be inserted either front or back. It seems that there are two standards of transfer rate of 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps.

◆ USB PD (Power Delivery) capable of supplying power up to 100 W
Power supply already using USB cable has already been put into practical use, but it is included in USB 3.1USB PDIt will be possible to handle even larger capacity electricity. It is possible to supply up to 10 W and power supply to mobile terminals etc. is assumedPROFILE 1, 100 W electric power can be suppliedPROFILE 5Five types of profiles have been enacted. The USB cable seems to be compatible with the conventional one, but PROFILE 4 is limited to Micro-USB terminal and PROFILE 5 is limited to normal size USB terminal.

The following new icons will be displayed on the cable and equipment compatible with USB PD.

Connecting AV equipment with USB "USB AV"
USB AV is to transfer video and audio data by USB cable instead of the conventional dedicated cable. Using this makes it unnecessary to prepare multiple types of cables when constructing a multi-display environment or connecting projectors.

The USB AV with 9.8 Gbps transfer speed has transfer capacity equivalent to 10.2 Gbps HDMI 1.4, and it is possible to support images of 4 K / 30 fps.

In this way, it is interesting to see how USB 3.1 with powerful ability which is not traditional on the standard spreads will spread.

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