Learning from the transition of design that achieved conversion rate 251% improvement What is strange A / B test?

ByKen Teegardin

Try out several different site designsConversion rateTesting better design by comparing "A / B test"May cause unexpected results by repeating detailed design changes, and it is utilized for site construction. The transition of the design on the site which achieved the conversion rate 251% by the A / B test has been announced.

Our homegrown A / B testing framework got us a 251% lift (Part 1)

42 FloorsCo-founder Darren Nicks has reported that it has achieved an astounding conversion rate of 251% as a result of continuing to change the site design with the A / B test on its blog.

42 Floors is a relatively young service founded in March 2012 at the rental property search site that posts empty offices in New York. It is essential to compete with the rival property search site of the preceding rival to construct site designs that are supported by users such as land patterns with strong demand for office leasing in New York, easy to use designs and beautiful designs I will.

original design
Initially, 42 Floors adopted the design as shown below. A large map was displayed on the right side of the site, and it was a design that displayed vacant property in the form of pins there, design that was easy to search by relying on "place". However, as the number of users increases, as the number of registered properties increases, the pins overflow on the map and become very difficult to see,UXIt was said that he was forced to change the design to improve.

Fashionable design
So we changed the site design from a map-centric style to a more appealing photo of the property. The design which places such property photograph as the center,AirbnbYaYelpBut it is a familiar fashionable design. In addition, 42 Floors of the property brokerage site prescribes the conversion rate by considering the case where the inquiry of the property from the visitor of the site through telephone, e-mail, and Web as success, but in September 2013 Conversion rate of 0.41%.

Based on this design,OptimizelyAlthough I changed the site design in detail using the service of the company, it was said that noticeable results did not rise. So 42 Floors can change more complicated site designPSD 2 HTMLI decided to try 8 designs in quite different styles at once.

8 design
The site design that 42 Floors tried is as follows.

· 1: Modal
This is a design named "Modal". It is a design that arranges photographs of the property in large size.

· 2: Full Width
"Full Width" which arranges properties up and down using the page from the end to the end.

· 3: Landing Dropdowns
"Landing Dropdowns" of style to search by the size and rent of the property.

· 4: Traditional
"Traditional" with sorting function on the left.

· 5: Ugly Banking Site
"Ugly Banking Site (Ugly Bank Site)" is a design that is commonly used in Internet banks as its name suggests.

· 6: Accordion Expander
"Accordion Expander" that you can extend the property downward in Traditional style.

· 7: Landing Big Buttons
"Landing Big Buttons" of style to search with "large size" "floor size" "rent".

· 8: Google Hover Clone
This design, named "Google Hover Clone", looks like a Google search result.

As a result of trying these 8 designs, it was that Google Hover Clone (Hover) was the most successful conversion rate. Therefore, the A / B test was repeated to refine details such as buttons and photographs on this Hover as a starting point.

It is this design that eventually won. However, when examining this final Hover design, it was only 18 times that resulted in the outcome of 4360 visits. This is a conversion rate of 0.41%, unrelenting result that it did not improve at all from "fashionable design" ... ....

Craigslist design
Despite having eight different designs and brushing up again, I do not know if I got desperate as a result that the conversion rate did not improve at all, but 42 Floors,Hacker News·Reddit·4chanCommon name commonly found on online bulletin boards such as "CraigslistI decided to try out "style".

This is the site design of 42 Floors made in Craigslist style. The picture of the property is very small, and it is a design of impressive impression somewhere of text-based information.

However, this Craigslist design achieves a conversion rate of 1.44%, and it has made a remarkable increase of 251%.

About the fact that unexpected design resulted in good results, Mr. Nix said "It is possible to become a result of" I do not know the frog ocean in In well "simply by making design changes that are on an extension line of traditional design with ordinary people So we are trying out a completely different design, seeking greater leap and not being trapped by past success experiences. "

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