Development of technology to diagnose disease using smartphone camera is ongoing

BySimon Yeo

When you get lost, a smartphone is a convenient substitute, instead of a map, you can play games and surf the web in your spare time. A research team at the University of Houston in the United States announced that it is developing a system that can diagnose diseases using smartphone lenses in order to further increase what can be done with smartphones.

Diagnosing Diseases With Smart Phones | UH Cullen College of Engineering

The research team at the University of Houston is developing a diagnosis of diseases using a smartphone and a special lens. Slides and glasses are mounted on lenses that are currently under development and it is possible to detect scientific interactions caused by pathogens using this slide glass.


The slide glass is coated with a substance that is sensitive to light and is wrapped with an ultrathin gold filter with thousands of small holes embossed from above. The surface of the gold filter on the glass side has a function to recognize and bind molecules such as specific proteinsantibodyFor example, when a microorganism such as a bacterium or a virus invades from the outside, the antibody targets an intruderantigenIt recognizes and combines.

The binding of the antibody with the antigen almost fills the filter hole, but leaves a little clearance. Therefore, the antibody contained in the hole and the enzyme that produces the silver particle reacted with the antigen this time to completely close the gap. As the hole is blocked, the light does not reach the slide and glass, so it becomes possible to diagnose whether it is infected with the disease or not.

The lens currently under development is priced at $ 20 (about 2040 yen), which is overwhelmingly lower than other diagnostic instruments. Also, according to Richard Willson, an associate professor who leads the research team, there are many challenges to realization, but if realized it can reduce the burden on people working at medical sites considerably. For example, if a serious accident happens at a factory or the like, the medical team can quickly make a diagnosis using a lens and respond promptly, which can also be used for subsequent treatment.

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