Transparent electrode material which can realize foldable flexible display at low price appeared

ByCasey Bisson

America·University of AkronResearchers in polymer chemistry succeeded in bringing the mesh structure to copper in a transparent state using fibers in a new way. By using this technology, it is expected that "foldable display" which has high durability can be manufactured more cheaply.

A Tough and High-Performance Transparent Electrode from a Scalable and Transfer-Free Method - ACS Nano (ACS Publications)


Dr. Yoo Shu of Akron University,PETBy coating copper having conductivity on the material, masking the fiber having a three-dimensional structure and removing the copper leaves a fine network of copper (mesh) in the masked part A paper that is considered successfulACS JournalIt is announced in.

Since indium tin oxide having indium oxide vapor-deposited with tin oxide is transparent and has conductivity, at present, on the surface of many displaysIndium tin oxide(ITO) is used as an electrode for display, ITO has the disadvantage of high cost. Dr. Shu said the three-dimensional nano mesh transparent electrode of copper which we announced this time can manufacture display electrodes at very low cost.

Furthermore, the copper three-dimensional nano mesh transparent electrode shows high durability against the peeling test and the bending test by the Scotch tape method, and it is said to fulfill the function as a scattering prevention screen of the display, and ITO It is expected to be able to produce displays that are more flexible and foldable at lower cost than electrodes.

BySteve Jurvetson

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