"La-Z-Bro-gramming" created in 30 minutes as a novel chair that does not get tired even if sitting for a long time

Sitting for a long timeShrinking people's life as much as smokingResearch results have also come up, and chairs are very important for those who sit and work for a long time. So the innovative office chair born as a result of trial and error to manage the hands and feet and back pain "La-Z-Bro-gramming"is.


It suffered from recurrent fatigue injury (RSI)Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) Sam PrenticeLa-Z-BoyIt is an idea that I noticed that the burden on the body is small when I use the brand reclining chair to put the notebook PC on the knee and I thought that I would make La - Z - Boy office chair.

This is La - Z - Boy. Because the leg rest function is attached, I will not put a burden on my feet.

However, the problem with La-Z-Boy is that it is difficult to move while sitting because there is no caster. So Prentice improved the La - Z - Boy with scrap materials,La-Z-Bro-gramming chairCompleted.

Below is La-Z-Bro-gramming chair.

I put cloth attached to waste material under the chair.

Looking from behind like this.

We solve the problem of La-Z-Boy that "I can not move with sitting" brilliantly.

It took 30 minutes to create La-Z-Bro-gramming chair. According to Prentice, La - Z - Bro - gramming chair says, "Because it is not suitable when you must work quickly, we have a small normal chair in the office."

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