Headline news on 13th March 2014

Nikon announced that it expects to release a new model "Nikon 1 V3" of mirrorless single-lens camera "Nikon 1" series in April. Nikon 1 V3 is excellent for high-speed continuous shooting, and it is the world's fastest class that exceeds digital SLR cameras that it is possible to shoot about 20 frames per second with AF tracking. With AF fixing, it is possible to shoot about 60 frames per second, and the shooting time lag is also the shortest in the world. The selling price in Nikon Direct is only for the bodyTax included 90,000 yen, Standard power zoom lens kitTax included 90,900 yen, Premium kit135,000 yen including tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Google "How to recover an attack site certified (hacked) site" release - GIGAZINE

Why is the payment form for net payment so many input items so much? - GIGAZINE

Ali's "GarageSale (garage sale)" is freedom too much - whatever the buyer freely puts a price at a discount price · barter, personal delivery · give away with anything - GIGAZINE

New studies on male preferred bust size, men who like big breast women clearly have a tendency to female contempt - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
I am afraid of this threatening threat wwwwwwwwwwww: Kini speed

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Tuesday - Daily research

The matter of a certain cell. On Sunday, the possibility of deliberate forgery increased and it became stunned. However, I could not understand why to do so. I was surprised at the intro of today's thesis, but I got it somehow understood that it would calm down. In short, there was no research environment around Mr. O. It will do better if pressure that is required to give results, or forged drives driven by that. Perhaps not, I imagine that "research" for Mr. O was like cutting and pasting from the very beginning. I feel like a dweller in a dream world. It will be sad. Of course it is not a science so it is impossible to stay in the science world, but why was the inhabitant of such a dream world in the middle of science world?

Science Council: RIKEN, Fixed Corporate Postponed STAP Fixation - Mainichi Shimbun

Who teaches the method of research: The tweets of Building No. 5

At the end of today's exam, the freshmen of the next year will finally decide, but if you impose a report that you have not written so much to the current college freshmen, what you write in the first place I do not know how to write, many students will copy and explicitly explore what I searched on the internet first.

In the beginning, many students do not write information on where copies have been brought or where they brought the sentences, but quoting from the Internet is OK so be sure to quote from any sentences where they were from If you repeat persistently to indicate that you have done it, you will gradually acquire the first steps of the beginning of the "quoting practice" in the Internet age. Many students initially report that they copied a lot and copied as much as possible to make a single full report from only one site, but quoted from as many sources as possible Telling that the report has a high likelihood of getting a high reputation, excellent students will gradually walk around various places to eat and drink, so that they can gradually make something that they summarized themselves gradually It will become. Of course, there are students who will be able to do and students who have no progress at all until the end.

【Kansai's argument】 Five-year fasted deep-sea creature "Giant beetlebug" Shock and cause of death was not "starvation" ... a mysterious liquid / fungus in the stomach, a secret that "I live without eating" secret (1/4 page) - MSN sanctuary west

RIKEN CDB. Today is March 13 th Tamane Broadcasting? To the termination of the STAP problem. Yoshiki Sasai is the end. About how bad this case is. - Lost Technology Study Group

STAP paper: Director of the RIKEN Center, Kobe "withdrawal forgiveness" - Mainichi Newspapers

Development of measuring device for live cow radioactive material NHK News

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The management principle of the former president Succeeding king, four times the bare 10,000 yen request amount: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bear was the first since its listing in 1995. Although the performance of King general is recently revitalized due to an increase in visits by "memorial dumplings" to former president, operating income is forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2002 due to elevated raw material prices. Bear will cost about 360 million yen per year.

Assault against Mr. Akasaka or trouble at Mr. Hashimoto's speech venue - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Criticism of the Malaysian authorities' crisis management system that emanates from the international community "Disallowed Behavior" of Missing MH370 Flight Officer: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Two people collapsed in New York, two people died, about 20 people injured - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Reporters' eyes - "Big snow big data" piled up in February, Detecting Yamanashi's crisis with "sense": ITpro

Accident caused by snow, half of normal tires ... February in Tokyo: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

【Kashiwa Armor Case】 Arrest 1 Week for Net Famous People 600,000 Yen Difficulty Debt Life (+ 1/2 Page) - MSN Sankei News

Yamagata Naka 1 Death: Parents release "wills" Public "Death Ketta" - Mainichi Newspapers

Criminal motives claimed by Watanabe (Shinoda Hiroyuki) at the first trial of 'Kuroko's Basketball' threatening case - Personal - Yahoo! News

Engineer withdrawal, targeting Japanese companies in China and South Korea with high-priced remuneration: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Japan Meteorological Agency death wife in tsunami undervaluation" complaint NHK News

Prime Minister confident in growth at the close of the Chinese national flag, part of the item default "unavoidable" | Reuters

NHK News to change conscription system of Israel

"Birth of a child contributes to the state" Deleted from the LDP representative question by fairness pointed out - MSN Sankei News

Hotel Hanshin: over 100 hours outside cookers Overtime general manager document delivery - Mainichi Newspaper

NHK news on improving Toshiba's research data as a change destination

Toshiba's technology, suspected leakage in Korea Tie-up partner Arrested by former employee: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

According to suspected leakage of research data on Toshiba's semiconductor memory to a Korean company, the Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Section 2 will violate the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (trade secret) for a man who is a former employee of a semiconductor maker of a partner of Toshiba We infringed) on charges of arrest warrant.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Elementary school 'reversal lesson' is a mistake! | Ogi Naoki (Ogaki Mama) Official Blog "Ogi ☆ Bl" Powered by Ameba

The latest edition "University ranking" Top 300 | Ranking | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

I can not bear that there are guys who read "substitute" as "daigegee"

A story about letting a puppy get in a traffic accident - Ohnoblog 2

Truly Leica, the camera of the afflicted area The finest aircraft to the girls: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

US SAT revision and examination war in America | Koizumi Akihiko | Column & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: If you answered "I am a system engineer" by being asked "What is your occupation" in psychosomatic medicine? - Livedoor blog

I'd like to know what is different between Katakana "H" and Hiragana "Ha". | Reference collaboration database

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Transit demands from XP (○ ○ ​​things found while interviewing) to popularity enough to make the 32-bit version of Win 7 Home Premium shrink - AKIBA PC Hotline!

Micro instance gets bigger performance if you limit it - Alpaca Diary

Most of the disputes on the net ends with one if one goes through - Blunder Blog

Google Japan Blog: Spring more lightly on Google Now.

Prevent screenshot of Windows 8.1 Store application - Shinobu Takahashi's blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Correct way of wearing earphone Funny topics on loud door blog

Is it no use bit coins any longer? : Watanabe Chisa's entrepreneurial report from Silicon Valley: Entrepreneurship: Job Search: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

A story I went to GitHub to tell me variously

Open the official store "LINE BAND STORE" in LINE MALL! Limited LINE character goods also sold! : LINE Official Blog

I asked Mr. Tokumaru about ANA's wrong login case | The diary of Tokumaru Hiroshi

I want to change docomo from au to iPhone Tell me the splendor of au thread: Gadget 2ch

Hang with HP DL 180 G 6 0 xab problem | Tsuchinoko blog

I am introducing the HP DL 180 G6 series with some servers of DMM,

Furthermore, the server hung up with a period of about 125 days on the server of a part (about 40?)?

Just the other day, I heard from HP that we knew the cause, so I would like to share it.

DMM is not occurring in all servers, it is an event occurring in a specific fixed server.
Also, I heard that another company hangs around 250 days. For dmm, around 125 days

Your site penalty! Is it? Sudden search inflow Zero too! A story about safe browsing and filtering. | I hope you enjoy the sushi.

Shaking Mikushi, is "playing done" true? Replacement of president in 1 year, turbulence in stock price, restructuring ... (1/2) | Business Journal

How to read mail header information - Rental server "heteml" blog

Official blog for Google Webmasters: faceted navigation best practices and 5 worst practices

Vagrant Share is used to temporarily release WordPress on Vagrant on the net! | Firegoby

【Review】 Intel's top-level SSD for consumer "730" trial report - PC Watch

From the Intel, the top level SSD "730" series was announced for consumers. Since I was able to borrow the 480GB model this time, I will publish the results of appearance and internal disassembly report, "CrystalDiskMark" and "ATTO Disk Benchmark" together.

Hatsune Miku and Nico Nico video, creativity of anonymous group - Togetter Summary

The era when you do not buy things from searches is coming!? | More Access! More Fun!

New Google Maps Embed API is released, easy to customize embedded map | WWW WATCH

Author Rank (author rank) has not become a ranking factor yet, but there is a scene being used | overseas SEO information blog

What are the products whose advertising expenditure has increased in four media, the year 2013 (January - December) and the second half (July - December)? - Telegram

Sumaho MNP cashback including iPhone 5s is drastically reduced on 16th! Is it? Numerous mobile shops warning | Sumaho dictionary

Report and thanks for "Search for 3.11" project - Yahoo! Search Staff Blog

Obtaining existing fixes after Windows XP, Office 2003 support | Hebikuzure's Tech Memo

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Minor games, events by Miyako Messe Kyoto - MSN Sankei News

Pretty rhythm comment on the movie: head funny certification

Thorough "localization" is indispensable in order to succeed by developing games worldwide - ask Kabam Kevin Chow CEO | IT insight | Diamond Online

What are the four opportunities to quarter girls? - Togetter Summary

Mainly self-attention

The store manager opened Barutan Seijin "Monster Bar", Kawasaki opening on 14th: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yusuke Nakamura's "Easy to See" Illustration Course - Togetter Summary

Basic Fundamentals: Repeat | Magic: The Gathering

Once a year, I am writing an article entitled "Basic Nemoto". This series of columns is for players who want to make sets by themselves. This time will be its sixth. I will use this article to explain how the design is done at a very basic level and show how to make a set by showing the back side so that I can enjoy it for other people. First of all, let's look back on the past five articles of "Basic Nemoto" article.

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Nippon saw Cool Japan's pioneer King Ghidora: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Urawa banner all banned ... Background explanation President Chen Zhen - J1 news: nikkansports.com

The Urawa report is inadequate and he dismissed Murai chairman "I lost credit every moment" - Sponichi Annex Soccer

J League - Chairman's comment on sanctions against Urawa Reds

March 8 About the banner posting at the gate at the concourse entrance by supporters at J. League Urawa Reds vs Sagan Tosu | URAWA RED DIAMONDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Topic that there is a completely discriminatory intention of the person claiming the banner of J1 Urawa ...: footballnet [soccer summary]

Sanction for Urawa Reds and on-site interview tweet summary "Recently customers from overseas also came and can not take control" ← Is it completely black? | Football Column Breaking News

J League - Urawa Reds is punishable for sending discriminatory banner postings in home games

Urawa severely punished J-League's first non-spectator match - J1 News: nikkansports.com

Ninja Hut Rilkkun 's Yume' s child role Akiyama Lana died - Sponichi Annex performing arts

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
New launch of sweets supervised by chefs of "my Italian" "my French" from April 1 | Montail Co., Ltd.

(PDF file)"Meisei Dim Sum Sanmagaki Vegetable White Water (Welcome Papers) Wonton Haruname Soup" "Meisei Dim Sum Sanmagoya Soy Sauce Wonton Harumame Soup" renewal April 7, 2014 (Monday) Launched nationwide At the same time, "Meisei Dim Sum Kakkonbama Tamado Wonton Harumaru Soup "newly released

(PDF file)"Megane Wonton's Fish Fish Pork Bone Wonton Soup" New release on April 7, 2014 (Monday)

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