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The second mobile Wi-Fi router that is convenient to carry and can establish an Internet environment by simply connecting to a hotel or a LAN port on the goChibi Phi 2ac (MZK - UE 450AC)"Has been released. It is about 64.5 (W) x 15.2 (H) x 22.7 (D) mm and it is extremely small size, the USB cable can be stored in the main body,Late Marchso,The booking price at Amazon is 5229 yen at the time of article writingIt has become.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I tried practically using the "OSTRICH PILLOW" pillow which can take a nap for suyasuya in every situation - GIGAZINE

Opera announces that it will migrate to WebKit + V8 engine, in 18 years history - GIGAZINE

The death of a woman who continued drinking Coca-Cola instead of water was due to Coke and the coroner - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Revo "It is a ramification damage" It was mistaken for Mr. Kawachi Samura ... "Life is training" - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【with image】 sister's computer melted wwwwww - livedoor blog

【Easy to understand】 Difference between Amazon and Rakuten wwwwwwwwwww True here wwwwwwwwwwwwww: Fu

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Is the level of lesson teaching be verb at college low? - Some Law Faculty Members Blog

CNN.co.jp: "The oldest star" born 13.6 billion years ago, the Australia team to the Galaxy

News - Ancient World - the oldest fish dragon's fetus, evidence of land birth? - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nationogio)

Radioactivity can not be eliminated with microorganisms Nikkei Trendy Net

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
[The core of the shock case] The 51-year-old man who was killed by his wife with refusal of sex "Miserable" of the "half-life that endured repeatedly" by the court (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei west

Perma fails "Wedding ruin ..." Woman appeals hairdresser: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: A mansion of Al Capone, for selling for 870 million yen

Arrested Aichi prefecture fisherman's chairman suspected helping out gangster fishermen - MSN Sankei News

Detects the highest value of cesium in the groundwater source NHK News

Softbank, full-year operating profit exceeding docomo April - December net profit up 58% increase Communication revenue contributed: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Protests in front of the Japanese Consulate NHK News

Three years ago, a Chinese man suspected of arson in Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine conducted a protest against the Japanese government for two consecutive weeks in front of the Japanese Consulate General in Guangzhou, China, the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou , We are calling on local authorities for safety measures.

The national wealth of Japan declined | Read on Natuk Economics "Kihon no Ki" | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

Mr. Ozawa, walking towards the democracy and seeing the consumption increase tax roundtrip is also a vision? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo Newspaper: Removed Prime Minister's Remarks Government Secret Law Delegation Proceedings Discovered from the Public Proceedings: Politics (TOKYO Web)

Secret protection law: "Constitution is denied due to the fundamental principle denied" and filed suit - Mainichi Newspaper

NHK Executive Committee's Concerns, Concern about the Unpolitical Administration Overseas Media: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Regarding the actions of Mr. Momota, NHK executive committee, Mr. Hasegawa's voices of concern are spreading about the distance between the public broadcasting and the administration, as foreign media reports one after another.

"The department store's males" Three reasons Mitsukoshi Isetan failed in Osaka | inside Enterprise | Diamond Online

Still Sony can still fight: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Kanto, snow for two consecutive weeks or low pressure approaching from 14th to 15th (Masuaki Masuda) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"The child who gets to play well becomes smarter" Survey Masumaru NHK News

Those who have experiences such as having passed the so-called "difficult university", the survey results say that the percentage who was playing or concentrating on favorite things before enrolling in elementary school is higher than those who did not It got together.
Experts who investigated point out that "learning various abilities in play fosters the motivation for learning afterwards."

"Women in the old days were made"? Read menstrual blood control book - bowlmed memo

It is a story of "menstrual blood control" which is prevalent in part. "Menstrual blood control" is meant to accumulate menstrual blood and put it out when told the toilet. To those who listen for the first time? can it be done? Although it would be a feeling, I heard the story of those who are doing it on twitter, and even in reviews of Amazon, etc., I did it according to How to book (I have it!)! Since multiple impressions have been written, there seems to be no doubt that there are people who can do.

Hiring hometown, 40% wanting to be nursery school "I want to be as close as possible": Asahi Shimbun Digital

I do not think conscription is military reasonable separately. - Someone's delusion · Hatena Version

Kyushu Shinkansen, 500 yen to the next station Free seats on 15th March: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
What is the risk of dangerous Japanese input software made in China: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Last year, it was revealed that Baidu, a major search bureau in China, was sending the user's typed letter information without permission to the company's server. It is a free Japanese input software that was done for both PC and smartphone (smartphone).

Baidu began distribution of improved software to prevent unauthorized transmission immediately. However, it was discovered what the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had used, and the Cabinet Secretariat Information Security Center warned attention to all ministries and agencies. It was a huge vulnerability fundamentally harbored by the Japanese information technology (IT) environment that emphasized this problem.

We released a new service "Approved platform large approval" to the lab - Hatelabo Developer Blog

"Eating log", Full renewal of iPhone application, greatly improved operability Kakaku.com - Press release

Toshiba Home Appliance Co., Ltd.: About Release of Freezer Refrigerator with Power Consumption Reduced by Approximately 43% as compared with Previous Machines / Press Release

Toshiba: Press release (2014-02-13): About commercialization of the industry's largest capacity 5-TB 3.5-inch HDD for near-line

"IPhone model change support" started | Mobile | Softbank

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. launched the campaign "iPhone model change support" that gift gift certificates of 10,000 yen or SoftBank points to customers who changed their models to iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on February 13, 2014 (Thursday) to March 31, 2014 (Monday).

Windows does not start & does not recognize HDD repair (raw / bootsect / mbr / chdsk) - With it mug!

Book worm: I joined Dwango

Rakuten Kobo, goods sold exceeds the initial goal of 200,000 volumes ~ Withdrawal is "not possible. Please be relieved." - INTERNET Watch

President Mikushi Asakura took office in 1 year as inaugural Retirement turned into "re-growth phase" - ITmedia news

Mixi Group shifts from "business revitalization phase" to "regrowth phase" «Mixi Corporation

I made a price comparison graph of 13 e-mail distribution cloud services (SES / SendGrid / Mailgun ...) - atskimura-memo

ASCII.jp: The moment of "the birth of the Internet", two lines of memorandum left in the log (1/2)

News - Reduce waste of employees by 1 hour a day at Intel, BYOD US: ITpro

3M strategy third bullet "au WALLET (Wallet) Initiative" started! Fusion of "Net" and "Real" to a new growth stage | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

Debussy 2014 "Sakura's cloud development and operation, something behind-the-scenes" Lecture Notes #devsumi - Proper days of former RX-7 ride

Deploy Mozilla Firefox Accounts | Mozilla Japan Blog

【Limited Time】 Yahoo! On the map, pollen information has been released! - Yahoo! Map Blog

E-book media theory "HTML 5 and electronic publication" / episode 7 4 years related to electronic publication, the next stage finally became visible | eBook Strategy Magazine

A site that investigates domain registration history appears in a consecutive specific affair of the affiliate of N People, personal identification further progresses - fun blog

"Flappy Bird": Confirm Trojanized application after deleting by developer | Trend Micro Security Blog (Trend Micro Security Blog by virus analyst)

[Important] Vulnerability of NTP | Sakura Internet

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"Go! Go! Home Appliances Men's THE MOVIE ~ Dubbing Panic ~" Starring voice actor · Message from Hanazawa Kana - YouTube

"NEW Love Plus +" Promotion Movie (Manaca Version) - YouTube

"NEW Love Plus +" Promotion Movie (Ringo Version) - YouTube

"NEW Love Plus +" Promotion Movie (Nene Version) - YouTube

I retired from Nintendo. | Consideration of sakatan

"Residential Urban Redevelopment Corporation" separate building: Why is Mami a hudaka?

Mixi, "Monst" rapidly expanding business profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2002 to 1.6 billion yen deficit → upward to 200 million yen surplus! Marriage support project also contributed "Monst" from March TVCM | Social Game Info

TV Tokyo · honorable lady jewel pet
Start broadcasting from 9:30 on the morning of 5th April 2014

Evening 'BLOOD ALONE', TL 's response to the shocking fact that the reason for serialization was' 40,000 copies cut line' Togetter Summary

Mr. Masayuki Takano 's "BLOOD ALONE" seems to be finished serializing, but the reason for this is that the shocking fact that "the censoring line was 40,000 copies" includes "a view that is true"? It became a topic of TL

Is it possible for Japanese cartoonist illustrations to get abroad at overseas image uploader? | Slashdot Japan IT

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Sound quality of annoying spectacle CDs somewhat somewhat ___ ___ ___ 0

Unexpected utility of the Olympics, mistakes related to Russia one after another Correction of rapidly decreasing alcohol intake, paused population reduction ...: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

First time in girls' downhill two NHK news gold medals

Daily Janice's MC! Matsuoka and Tomohiro Domoto make super luxury program for 2 weeks only - Entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

The case that I wanted to spend more money on sports as I saw the big cry of Ogiwara (not a King of skis) and I am so pleased to cry as well. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

I do not like the thought / preference that "music and CD and Youtube are enough"

From Creep hype to everyone | Creep Hype Official web site

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【PDF file】Tennenboten [Press Release] Spring Limited "Sakura Shrimps and Fukinoos no Tamebow" New Appearance (PDF 412 KB)

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