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"Moss's Vegetable Moss Vegetable Aurora Sauce Tailoring" (340 yen · the above picture), "Moss's Lunch Teriyaki Chicken" (340 yen), "Moss Lucky Fish" (320 yen), "Moss's Rapeseed Shrimp Cut" (370 It was announced that 6 products of "Moss's Lucky Loose Cut" (360 yen) and "Moss's Rikuiku Chicken" (300 yen) will be released. The sales period is from April 1 (Tue) to late August.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

IPhone's name could be Telepod, iPad · Mobi · Tripod - GIGAZINE

Moe Chara Package Design is a good place to know how far you came Food various things summary - GIGAZINE

Movie in which the Ferrari hybrid car "LaFerrari (La Ferrari) runs" - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
I am drawing a monocular girl 's picture wwwwww: philosophy news nwk

【There is image】 escalator advertisement of noshojyo advertisement super excellence wwwww w: philosophy news nwk

【Sad news】 As a result of the ramen shop taking a questionnaire to customers wwwww: Kinyaki

I tried to surprise the son's birthday by making a PlayStation cake - it became like cement - it swells in my hand

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
It is not uncommon to have large tumors in rats kept long-term. "Incorrect information dissemination" pointed out from the field of biological experiments - Togetter Summary

Photographs of large tumor are on Twit on "Rat given genetically modified food for a long time", but it is common in rats that kept breeding up to this size, and expert @ okamo41 It has been pointed out.

STAP Cell Cooperation Mr., Successful in Reproduction Experiments for the First Time after Publication - MSN Sankei News

About non-existence of STAP cells | kaho's diary | Slashdot Japan

Nature seems to have to post Brief Communications Arising if there is a scientific and deadly mistake in the manuscript published - Voice practice

About non-existence of STAP cells # 2 | kaho's diary | Slashdot Japan

The last diary has surprised out echoes, I am surprised.
As some of you have observed, I am not in a position directly related to the thesis, but from the outside of the laboratory it will be the "middle man".
Internally it is such a real name with real name, I do not plan to hide. If it can not be solved internally, we will send information to the outside, but until that time we aim to solve internally as much as possible.
Its purpose is to withdraw the thesis promptly and elucidate the truth as much as possible, and the motivation is not to trust science, to abandon faith in the laboratory, half of it, ambiguous this condition My individual research activities can also be restricted by doing so it is a half incentive for my desire to prevent it as well.

I am confident that I am not mistaken as a position to contend scientific facts, but I do not know if I can win politically.

Organization of 'work like the heart' from iPS cells NHK News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
【Remotely operated virus incident】 Yusuke Katayama bail bailout interview "I feel the dazzling of freedom again" - YouTube

"Freedom is dazzling." PC remote control incident · Yusuke Katayama bailed out

PC remote control case · Yusuke Katayama bailed for bail | Kousyoublog

"Detention is only a means for securing the detention of a citizen who is prosecuted until it is judged whether it is guilty or not, because it is a futile, inconvenient and a messy method The period should be as short as possible and try to relieve the severity as much as possible. Citizens arrested should not be detained for more than the period necessary for proceedings of the hearing. Also you should go to trial from those arrested earlier.
The detention of the accused in detention shall not exceed the extent necessary to prevent him from escaping and destroying evidence. The hearing himself must also finish within a minimum period of time spilling without delay. A judge who is taking a leisurely attitude towards a gratitude and a respondent who is suffering - it is a terrible contrast. "(Beggaria" Crime and Punishment "P109 - 110)

Uranium enrichment company applied for bankruptcy law due to suspension of all nuclear power plants in Japan NHK News

NHK News on Driver Recorder

Two other masters ... blood! Kashiwa killing, car camera captured: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Chiba Kashiwa / Street Killing Continuous Killing Case】 Trace of mental abnormality left by the culprit who shouted "Yahoo chat best!" At the moment of arrest: Birth of Blues

Kashiwa Armor: Arbitrary accompanying "Checkmate" - Mainichi Newspaper

Popular 50 years, "Takayuki no Taiki" Totanki: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Chunichi Newspaper: To the Ao-Nami Line "Lego" From Direct 16 Years Non-Stop Train: Society (CHUNICHI Web)

Rice, discontinue construction of MOX fuel factory for nuclear power plant ... With financial difficulties: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

【Reverse side of business】 Unsolicited monkey of "Electric Electricity Purchase System for Recycle Energy Entry" Unsatisfactory ... Financial Crisis Certification Revocation "670 Incompatible Truth" (1/4 Page) - MSN Sankei west

Asahi Newspaper, part of Advertisement "●●" Where is Freedom of Speech ... - Politics / Society - ZAKZAK

JR Sobu line, temporary driving on guard line Futon: Asahi Shimbun Digital

NHK News seeking transparent transparency in China's greatly increased defense spending

Mr. Yuuro Terada to the Chief Justice Chief Secretary of the First Parent and Children: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Not giving foreign students apprentices holidays, President's abbreviated prosecution: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

First in "domestic" bank "woman to president of Nomura Trust Bank - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

Moral education "Teacher training required" ... Philosophy Minister: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Venezuela's demo: Stop the vicious circle: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Radioactive substance standard of food, mitigation review regulatory chairperson "Strictness doubt" - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Top 10 airline companies arriving at their destination on time, 1 JAL photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Hair, insects, rubber bands for school lunch ... 59 cases Osaka, 1 company prominent: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Osaka Prefectural Police: Power harrer 4 people disciplined ... Subordinates in their twenties, suicide last year - Mainichi Newspapers

Continuation of dialogue with Ukrainians and geopolitics to better understand the situation in Ukraine | SEO Japan

Current affairs dot com: Shoot himself naked 42% = Child pornography past the worst - The spread of smartphones Background · National Police Agency

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Strongest cold weather in March but long stay (Nikki Forecast) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

My private entrance examination: Kinki Univ. Has the top number of applicants - 100 thousand 5890 - Mainichi Newspaper

The number of volunteers for private university entrance examination in spring this year (2014), Kinki University (Osaka prefecture) was 1,058,90 people (as of 5th) which is more than 7,400 since last spring, the first place being the educational information company " University correspondence "examination. Meiji Univ. Who was the leader of the fourth consecutive year until last spring, 100,4854 (same), Waseda university which was the top for 11 consecutive years until FY 2009 is 100,524 people, the private university other than Tokyo will be the top number of applicants Also the first time. The university communication is analyzed as "Kinki University has shifted to 100% Internet application from this year, and exam fee discount etc. was also supported."

Why was Rikkyo able to win against Tokyo University, Waseda and Keio? Why do Japanese college students do not study the most in the world? | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

Sugar is limited to 6 spoons per day WHO guidance draft - 47 NEWS (Yona no news)

Very pretty Chiffon cake recipe - Nearly daily Itoi newspaper

Although a man says "save as another name" and a woman says "save overwriting" - Mr. Gururi.

Notice of closing BOOK 246 | BOOK 246

Golden ratio when making chili sauce in our house. It can be used for mahbo tofu, eggplants, pasta sauce, shrimp chili and so on. : [2 ch] Breaking Dishes

Do you think there are bad people by nature? : Philosophy News nwk

Following "Funny Structure" | Researcher / Visual Artist / Shunichi Kan's Viewpoint. │ CAREER HACK

Wakoa of highly educated girls is rapidly increasing - ITmedia eBook USER

Even though I go to graduate school, I get 200,000 a month. No pay raise.

How to make Yamagata local cuisine "Dashi" where rice goes on end. : [2 ch] Breaking Dishes

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Pay with bit coin, increase beyond expectation = major US mail order giant CEO - WSJ.com

According to Mr. Burn, the majority of customers paying for bit coins are men, their orders are above the average of $ 230, an average of $ 150. According to overstock estimates, nearly 60% of the 4,300 people paid with bit coins are new customers.

According to the list provided by Overstock, the most popular items purchased with bit coins are sheets, mobile phone cases, headphones, socks, computer products and so on.

According to Mr. Burn, Overstock began holding possession of the bit coin received from the customer immediately without exchanging it with the dollar. Many retailers do not have bit coins because they want to avoid price fluctuation risk of bit coins.

Glee's public relations blog began | GREE PR Blog

To make it possible to set 'publication rights' for e-books, submit a revised copyright law draft to the current Diet - INTERNET Watch

E-books, things you should do on a daily basis not to lose - Part 1 "Nobuo Hayashi" Long and Winding Mac ""

800 volumes The only reason I self-cook to recommend Dahle Durodex 200 DX cutting machine

I cooked over 800 volumes for self reasons why I recommend Darre Durodex 200DX for self-cutting machine.
That's "the hurdles of self-catering go down". This is exhausted.

Since it is possible to cut most books such as manga and novels with one shot, except for thick books such as technical books, it is a little troublesome and self-catering work is quite lucky.

Mobile World Congress 2014: VoLTE, LTE-Advanced, virtualization, and 5G - evolution of wireless infrastructure continues (second part) (1/2) - ITmedia Mobile

In MWC 2014, the fifth generation communication standard "5 G", which is said to be commercialized in 2020, was also the main exhibition theme. Ericsson Radio division Sebastian Tolstoy, business development and strategy leader, said that "(5G) will continue the evolution of LTE system technology," he stated his position to complement existing technologies such as LTE.

Trying to learn vim by Niko student Liaised by Lingr mission and the number of rows of vimrc became 14 times the story - Nice daily want to make web service

New VPS VULTR, Tokyo Region Beganning - uzulla Blog

【Yajima PC Watch】 Overclocker filling CPU Heat Spreader with Liquid Metal - Ask the Government for Assistance - PC Watch

Krita 2.8.0 released! - Open source and ultra-versatile free 2D painting software Latest stable version! Repeat function that improves cloning function and tiling texture creation! | 3D man - 3 dnchu - updated every day CG system information site

Conclusion Do blogs degenerate into text sites? - Diary of Hokage wolf

"Summary site" that will sink despite having a huge PV - Hagex-day info

If you really oppose the 2chan replay reprints, they can fight, reply, negotiate with that mighty power, they will not do anything. No, even if you want to fight, you can not do it. They gathered and edited information only, and they did "transmit information of their own", so their abilities are not at all. This is the same state as "nuclear bomb is completed but there is no skill to hit the enemy with it".

How to make Bruce Schneier's secure password string

LINE MALL, sales commission is also abolished, complete selling of exhibition and sale is completely free In addition, today "LINE SALE" which "iPet and Discovery" with commodity is offered by push notification together with release of iPhone version is held every day

About spoiler article: Narutochan (spoiler attention!)

"Naruto Chanel" decided to stop updating the full-text spoiler and picture ballet link from today.
In addition, I deleted all articles including past full-text spoilers / ballet links.
I will never update such kind of articles from now on.
It is this decision, but it has nothing to do with the two-channel ban on reprinting upheaval which was just talked about the other day,
Actually, I decided to discuss with someone in a certain company which is a major publishing industry.

I wrote this article that I want you to tell from a company certainly that there are numerous spoilers, summary sites, blogs, bulletin board managers and users.
In particular, I think that it will be a very important story to the administrator of the site / blog, so I hope that if you spread the information by all means.

Canon's low-cost printer sells "the best selling first place" in Amazon. Thoroughly sold at low cost 3780 yen / CYBER LIFE 2 CH

Improve site performance with Grunt and gulp.js - Wazanova | wazanova

Rapidly growing rice media expands to Japan in the net NHK News

Buzz Feed uses advertisements in the form of articles, called "native advertisements", as its main source of earnings. In the future, however, we plan to introduce revenue to research coverage and other goals and to increase the quality of articles and video content I am raising it.

The inevitable bit coin disturbance origin was 20 years ago: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

[Review] BD, terrestrial digital broadcasting and photography. 4K's attraction to taste with "KD-65X9200A" - AV Watch

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
【Hey, is not it easy? 】 Image to explain how to draw water surface in an easy-to-understand manner: Copipe information station

To Gundam Large Scale Production ... Anime company specially permit: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

"Irresponsible captain Tyler" celebration of the universe! Electronic campaign | e-book store - BOOK ☆ WALKER

Nintendo turning his back on smartphone is not wrong: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Social Game Info" was also surprised, even just listing and maintaining everything on the galleries introduction article of the utmost full Stop high: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

"How grandchildren 6", monthly boys magazine ended serialization on May 2 issue number \ (^ o ^) /

Beginner "I do not understand that cancellation or invincible time or bad judgment is different from the appearance" - Togetter Summary

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Mr. Samura Kouchi, press conference in Asuka - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

Tsunku ♂ reported to everyone | Tsunku ♂ Official blog "Tsuburo ♂ entertainment course" powered by Ameblo

"Anna and the Snow Queen" "Let It Go" (25 languages ​​Ver.) - YouTube

Kihiro Kiyohara was hospitalized for emergency with drugs! | Scoop Breaking News - Weekly Bunshun WEB

Report on suspicion of drug use at Kiyohiro Kiyohara, deadlock of work and marital relation in the background - rumors from before (1/2) | Business Journal

Mr. Kiyohara also examines litigation to diabetes drug report / baseball flash report / daily sports online

Beat Takeshi "The parents of Tokyo University students are mostly from the University of Tokyo" "There is no chance for poor people to have any chance" pointed out "Japan's"

Matrix is ​​not interesting after the first one: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
【PDF file】Responding to the growing high class taste, box type sticking bread appears! "Meronpan of polar" released (PDF / 264 kb) - Press release | Corporate information | Circle K Sunkus

Rich! American taste! "Potato" + "American" "The Potterican" A rich flavor of attractiveness attention is emerging

"Kirin additive-free vegetables sweet deep vegetables" new release | 2014 | News release | Giraffe

"Bayy lease melting" series is newly released | News Release 2014 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

Wider in jelly calorie zero │ New product information details | Morinaga
New release from March 11 (Tue), grape taste

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