The virtual currency Bitcoin gathers one after another as a donation to Wikipedia under the initiator of Wikipedia

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Internet free encyclopedia "Wikipedia"The operating expenses are covered by donation from individuals and organizations without relying on advertisement income. To that Wikipedia the virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)An attempt has been made to make donations using ".

Hello from Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia: Bitcoin

The beginning of the matter was the following Tweet that Jimmy Wales who is the founder of Wikipedia and who is the honorary chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation did. Mr. Wales, March 7, 2014, "I am playing with bit coins today.CoinbaseI bought 0.1 BTC with "I did tweet.

In response to this tweet from the follower, "Tell me the bit coin address, I want to see what happens!" There was a reply.

Wales, on the other hand, replied that the bit coin address is "1 McNsCTN 26 zkBSHs 9 fsg UHHy 8 u 5 S 1 PY 5 q 3".

"Block chainCan anyone tell me a bit more about? "Mr. Wales. It seems that you are studying bit coin.

"People here will donate and tell me how easy it is, Wikipedia will benefit from bit coin donation system?"

And actually donations began to gather, "More than 4.5 BTC has gathered at the bit coin address we tweeted yesterday, of course, I will donate all to Wikipedia," Mr. Wales said.

"Wikipedia accepts donations with bit coins,"

"Bit coin donation campaign reached 7.969 BTC, roughly 4963 dollars (about 510,000 yen) Thank you!"

On 11th March "It reached 17.884 BTC, roughly $ 12355 (about 1.15 million yen)"

On March 12, Mr. Wales said, "I will convert 1 BTC each day to donate collected bit coins to the Wikimedia Foundation"

To the question 'Is not it better to sell at a stroke than to sell it to shreds at a stroke?'

"In low-liquidity markets, the value tends to decline if you place a large order, so I do not think there is such a big difference," Mr. Wales said.

In fact, Mr. Wales, before establishing the Wikimedia Foundation,He worked as a dealer at a futures option company in ChicagoAnd that. Mr. Wales with experience in futures trading may be able to collect a large amount of donation to Wikipedia by selling high bit coins.

Mr. Wales has a bulletin boardRedditIt is clarifying that the next Wikimedia Foundation 's Board of Directors will make an agenda on whether to accept donations to Wikipedia with bit coins.

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