Game "TinkerBox" that assembles Pythagora device and clears the stage

Pitagora deviceSpeaking of, NHK E Tel's program "Pythagora Switch"The unique movement and the eye-catching mechanism that gathers popularity are the machines that make up the gimmick that appear in" A game that clears tasks of various stages using a mechanism like that Pitagora device is called "TinkerBox"is.

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TinkerBox is a game that clears tasks of various stages using parts that move based on physical calculations. For example, the stage below will be stage clear if the big sphere falling by gravity fits into the cup.

In order to clear the screen with TinkerBox: put the ball in a cup - YouTube

There are cases where you go beyond the parts one after another in the manner of defeating Domino. In the following stage, we will aim to clear by adding missing parts by yourself.

To clear the screen with TinkerBox: Kill Domino - YouTube

Parts that can be used in the game are ordinary floors, floors with springs, motors and belt conveyors that can move parts.

There is also a stage to guide the ball to the goal and clear it. In this stage, when plus the missing floor, the road to the goal appeared.

In order to clear the screen with TinkerBox: Plus the floor - YouTube

TinkerBox is a game for iPad and iPad mini. To install, click the following link or search "TinkerBox" on the App Store.

TinkerBox HD on the App Store on iTunes

Tap "Free" → "Install" → "Open" to complete the installation.

The top screen looks something like this. Tap "Puzzles" to start the game.

It is divided into six categories from "1. Training" of the tutorial stage for beginners to "6. Earth & amp; Beyond", and each stage has about 5 to 10 stages.

When it comes to a somewhat advanced stage, it becomes necessary to combine several parts. The following stage aims at clearing three parts one after another in succession.

To clear the screen with TinkerBox: Bounce or carry - YouTube

It is fun to make the way to the goal fun by imagining the movement of each part.

In order to clear the screen with TinkerBox: dropping and skipping - YouTube

Also, by choosing "Invent" from the top screen, you can also create original stages by making full use of 50 kinds of parts, and make various mechanical tricks.

The pleasant feeling when exercising by clearing the task as the parts you placed moves as you think is exceptional. Because it leads to creative ingenuity by assembling various wisdom narrowly, it has become a game that can enjoy from children to adults.

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