The youngest atomic physicist in the world who succeeded in experiments in his own nuclear fusion reactor was 13 years old

In the worldA 13-year-old boy who develops mobile games and establishes a start-up companyYaA 12-year-old boy who developed a new kind of photovoltaic power generationAlthough there are, etc, in the preston in the northwestern part of the United Kingdom, we conduct a fusion experiment in our own nuclear fusion reactorGeneration of heliumThere is Jamie Edwards (13 years old) who succeeded in.

BBC News - Young scientist Jamie Edwards in atomic fusion record

BBC News is filming Jamie's helium generation in nuclear fusion experiments.

BBC News Young scientist Jamie Edwards in atomic fusion record - YouTube

Jamie is seriously facing the instruments.

Radioactive labels are affixed to the site as a result of nuclear fusion experiments.

All of these machines are part of a nuclear fusion reactor Jamie made by himself.

Carefully operate instruments and wait for reaction.

The meter moves with a nice ... ....

It seems that the experiment was successful.

Jamie who seems not to be excited by achieving the original goal of producing helium by nuclear fusion. The youngest record that succeeded in nuclear fusion experiments so far,American 14-year-old boyAlthough it held, Jamie was 13 years old and succeeded in this experiment, it fulfilled the dream that it becomes the youngest fusion researcher in the world.

He also recorded on his blog the process of completing the nuclear fusion reactor and becoming a fusion researcher himself.

Jamie's Fusion Project

Jamie started blogging on November 8, 2013, but he has started his own fusion experiment project before that, and has already successfully raised funds for experiments at the beginning of the blog . The funds for the experiment are passed by himPenwortham Priory AcademyI got them to provide them, but they did not get them without doing anything, they seemed to convince the school (teacher of the teacher) to be able to obtain funds from their presentation. The presentation material at that time wasHereThere are descriptions in the materials such as the motivation to conduct the experiment, the danger of fusion experiment, simple design drawing, what can be done by fusion.

When I started posting my blog, Jamie had a budget of 2000 pounds (about 350,000 yen), and from there we used the main vacuum chamber and equipmentFlange, Peep window. We also purchase vacuum pumps, tungsten wire, aluminum rods, copper tubes for power transmission, cutters, valves and needle valves.

Purchased vacuum pump.

We will build up the flange and needle valve.

The middle course is like this.

Deuterium used for experiment arrives. "When this arrived, school teachers began to worry," the blog says.

Further diffusion pump arrived. However, there was a big dent in the case part surrounding the cooling fan of this diffusion pump, which seems that the fan could not rotate properly.

In addition, we have realized a device that can withstand high voltage by making internal transmission network with 1.5 mm annealed copper instead of 0.1 mm tungsten wire. According to the blog, it seems that it was very difficult to bend the tungsten wire in a suitable shape.

We build up the equipment while overcoming various difficulties ......

On February 3, 2014 the control panel finally completed to control the fusion reactor. I will operate voltage and vacuum pump in this panel part.

Finally the nuclear fusion reactor was completed on February 25. However, Jamie still seems to have not received a course for radiation handling.

On the same day, succeeded in creating a vacuum in a vacuum chamber.

And we succeeded in fusion experiment at 11:30 on March 5th.

In the latest posting, we appreciate the many people who supported the experiment and promised to upload a lot of pictures etc during the experiment.

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