"Stripe" helps you to introduce payment system on website with easy steps and helps maximize revenue

When applying for use and approval comes, if the web settlement system becomes available only by pasting the source code into the application or program that wants to introduce the settlement system is "Stripe"is.PayPalIt is easier to build a settlement system for applications and programming, eliminating the need to bother the customer on a separate dedicated payment page for each settlement.


Once you get approval, Stripe will be available only by embedding programming code that you would like to implement a payment system. Embedded code is available in multiple languages, curl, ruby, python, PHP, Java, Node.

There is no cost to introduce the system, every time settlement is done using Stripe, it only costs 2.9% + 30 cents (about 31 yen) of settlement amount. No other charges are required at all. In addition, in the case of PayPal, the commission is3.6% + 40 yenIt has become.

Stripe also supports payment cycle periods such as annual fee payment and monthly membership fee payment, discount coupons and multiple pricing are also possible.

Such a new service of Stripe is Checkout, and if you use it, you can easily create a settlement form on a web page to be displayed on PC, smartphone, tablet and so on. It can be used by simply embedding JavaScript code in the source of the web page, and this code allows Stripe toConversion rateYou will be able to check. Checkout always collects multiple data, and multiple proposals and operation tests are repeatedly performed so that the revenue of the user who uses it is maximized, which is the biggest difference between Stripe and Checkout. In addition, Checkout has already been installed on thousands of sites, millions oftransactionWe also have the track record that we have been processing.

Checkout is to store information such as e-mail address, address, telephone number, etc. so that customers can make settlement from mobile terminals with just one touch. The customer side can be used on terminals such as iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows Phone 8.

Debit cards and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB are available for these payment systems. Currently it is possible to use the service of Stripe (it is possible to embed the settlement system in the site) only for US and European users, but as a currency that can be used for servicesCorresponds to 139 kinds of currencies including Japanese yendoing. In addition, it is said that correspondence to the service unusable area including Japan is scheduled in order.

It is compatible with this Stripe and is available in JapanWebPayIt seems to have a WebPay compatible APIYahoo! Wallet FastPayWill be released in the spring of 2014, so it is likely that developers will be able to monetize their own products more easily and freely even in Japan.

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