Facebook plans to introduce drones to airborne Wi-Fi base, against Google

Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg CEO to provide a cheaper net environment for those who can not connect to the Internet with 5 billion people worldwideInternet.org established, Global IT companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung are participating in the organization. It was revealed that Facebook, the founder of Internet.org, plans to utilize a drone driven by solar power to provide a Wi - Fi environment to areas without internet infrastructure.

Facebook buying Titan Aerospace for about $ 60 mln - source

Facebook is a drone capable of flying the stratosphere powered by sunlight "Solara 60DevelopingTitan AerospaceTo buy it for $ 60 million (about 6.1 billion yen), it turned out to be in negotiations with the company.

Solara 60 is a drone capable of performing a landing flight of up to 5 years with sunlight as a power source and has been developed with the aim of substituting satellites for meteorological observation and resource exploration applications. Apparently Facebook seems to be planning to use this solar drone to provide a cheap Wi - Fi environment to areas where internet infrastructure is not in place.

This is a movie that understands what kind of flying object Solara 60 is in one shot.

Titan Aerospace unveils the world's first solar powered UAVs - YouTube

Solara 60 gets solar energy with solar panels laid on the wings during the day and stores it in batteries inside the aircraft.

It can fly over 20 km from the ground with solar energy.

In order to make good use of the energetic energy, it can fly regardless of day and night, and it is possible to landing flight for up to 5 years.

The size is huge with 50 meters both wings.

Nonetheless, the weight is only 160 kg and it is super lightweight and can carry 32 kg. It can fly at 104 kilometers per hour.

Solara 60 has the function of transferring voice and data, and it can serve as a remote Internet infrastructure as a base station for data communication.

By doing so, it is possible to provide net service to areas with poor Internet infrastructure.

As a project to prepare the remote environment of the Internet, Google also uses a balloon-based Wi-Fi base station "LoonIt is under development. Both Facebook and Google are business models that benefit from being connected to the Internet by more people, so competition to compete with the skies around the world will likely be intensifying.

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