Bitcoin's bank stole Bitcoin equivalent to 63 million yen by hacking and close immediately


On March 2, 2014, Flexcoin, which provided Bitcoin banking service, received a cyber attack and revealed that 896 BTC (about 63 million yen equivalent Bitcoin) stored in the company was stolen.

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The stolen thing by hacking was Bitcoin which was stored in Flexcoin's online storage "hot wallet". The attacker said that they stealed all 896 BTCs stored in the hot wallet.

After receiving this attack, Flexcoin reveals that "we do not have any resources or assets to recover from this loss so we will close it immediately."

Bitcoin stored in Flexcoin's offline storage "cold storage" is safe, and Flexcoin expects to return Bitcoin stored in cold storage sequentially as soon as each user's identity can be confirmed I will.

Also, I promised to return Bitcoin to each user as soon as possible, and in the future I will keep track of hackers while taking legal measures and post it to Twitter if some new information can be obtained.

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