Bitcoin of 2.6 billion yen seized from illegal drug site "Silk road" is expected to be sold


Last year, an illegal drug trafficking site "Silk Road(Silk Road) "was closed due to FBI seizure, but at that time, the virtual currency held by the site"Bitcoin(Bit coin) "About 30,000 copies are worth 25 million dollars (about 2.6 billion yen) at current market price. The FBI turned out to be expected to sell soon this large number of bit coins confiscated.

(PDF) Silk Road Partial Default Judgment and Order of Forfeiture.pdf

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Forfeiture Of $ 28 Million Worth Of Bitcoins Belonging To Silk Road

Who Owns the World's Biggest Bitcoin Wallet? The FBI | Wired Enterprise |

In October 2013 FBI caught the illegal drug trafficking site Silk Road, closed the site, arrested and indicted Ross Ulbricht suspected as a site administrator. At this time, the address where about 30,000 BTC (bit coin 30,000 sheets) entrusted by the user from the user was stored was found in the Silk Road, and those bit coins were seized by the FBI as a criminal property .

The Manhattan Federal Prosecutor's Office (MUSAFO), which manages this seized bit coin, recently revealed that the court had received a confiscation allowance on bit coin ownership. MUSAFO spokesperson Mr. Prait · Bajara said "The permission of the court to forfeit has made it clear that we own the ownership of the bit coin, even though bit coin is a criminal property related to a crime at an illegal site There is no difference that it is. "

Currently, there are no procedures to pay bit coins to the national treasury in the US, so it is expected that the bit coin will be sold by ordinary auction procedures. MUSAFO is expected to sell 2.6 billion worth of bit coins by auction close by receiving this permission of confiscation, but we do not disclose when MUSAFO auction will be held. Besides, at the time of being seized by the FBI, the market price of bit coin has increased about four times.

In addition, it is thought that FBI is still managing 140,000 BTC (about 12 billion yen as a market price) that was stored in a PC seized by Urubricht suspected as Silk Road administrator, but Urubrich The suspects claim that they claim ownership and are requesting a refund.

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