The mysterious relationship of Bitcoin founder and illegal trading site "Silk Road" highlighted


Handle drugs and homicide requests on the Internet in October 2013Illegal trading site "Silk Road(Silk Road) "was arrested by the FBI, The site was closed. Currently, the investigation is proceeding, but among them the virtual currency "Bitcoin(Bit coin) "founder and Silk Road has proven to exist in fact that there is a mysterious relationship.

Study Suggests Link Between Dread Pirate Roberts and Satoshi Nakamoto -

International financial institutionCiti(City)Citi Foundation(Citi Foundation) under the auspices of Israel ·Weizmann Institute of ScienceDr. Ron, researcher and Applied Mathematics Professor Adi Shamir, an expert on cryptanalysis. In the report, it is clarified how Ulbricht, arrested by FBI, had concealed and gained the benefits that could be seen as millions of dollars (hundreds of millions of yen). Ulbricht's arrest warrants Silk Road's transaction amount to be 1.2 billion dollars (about 122 billion yen), suspects gained 80 million dollars (about 8.2 billion yen), the surge Considering the bit coin price to do, the amount will be expected to be even bigger.

How Did Dread Pirate Roberts Acquire and Protect His Bitcoin Wealth?

In the report Silk Road's transactions and suspects' actions have been revealed, the most noteworthy was the transaction that was remitted from 'an account' to Urbricht's account. The point here is that this "account" was established in January 2009 right after the bit coin network was established in the second half of 2008. Although there is no direct evidence underlying it, it is thought that it is a person named "Nakamoto Satoshi" that has "this account" that produced bit coins. According to records, it is equivalent to $ 60,000 (about 6 million yen) at the time of the transaction and 847,000 dollars (about 85 million yen) at the present value1000 bit coinIt was revealed that massive remittances were made from the account of "Nakamoto" to the suspect's account.

"In the case of drug transactions normally done at Silk Road, this kind of large-scale remittance will not be made, it is speculated that some special movement, investment or partnership relationship has been built "It is suggesting that there is an amazing connection linking two parties," Tetsushi Nakamoto "and" Ros Urbricht ", which are considered mysteries in the world of bit coins.

ByRobert D. Brooks

Due to the nature of bit coins, it is extremely difficult to seize bit coins illegally acquired in this way. Also, Ulbricht suspected that he was conducting trading using the "second PC" which is currently missing, and FBI has yet to grasp the full picture.

By the way, in just one month since closing Silk RoadNew Silk Road openedAlthough it is done, the manager of this site is also unidentified. Depending on future investigation, will something become clear ...?

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