Adobe discovered that illegal access to user information including credit card · ID · password · name for 2.9 million people

Software company Adobe (Adobe) announced that its system has undergone a cyber attack and access to user information for 2.9 million people worldwide. The user information that is accessed also includes customer's name and credit card information.

Customer security warning

Important Customer Security Announcement (Adobe Featured Blogs)

According to Adobe's survey, the hacked information includes the Adobe product source code and information related to customer ID, password and order, plus 2.9 million encrypted credit card debit cards worldwide With informationCard information includes card number and expiration dateAnd that. Although it is thought that the information of the accessed credit card · debit card is encrypted and it is thought that the danger of illegal use is low, Adobe is deducted to the customer just in case and the bank account and the credit card are illegally used We recommend that you check for missing.

For each customer who provided the credit card · debit card information which is thought to have been accessed, Adobe sends an e-mail stating the method of changing the password to the customer to which the customer ID and the password are accessed, and personal information We have already sent a notice stating the procedure to prevent misuse of. In addition, Adobe has responded to reset the password of all account information to manage, it is already requesting cooperation from the police authorities.

In Adobe 's company HP, "Maintaining adequate security measures for the purpose of protecting customer information is the most important issue for Adobe, and we value our customers' trust and customer protection more than anything else We will continue to actively prevent the situation from occurring in the future "We have announced.

2013/10/04 17:15 Addendum

The following e-mail arrived from Adobe to the e-mail address registered for using Adobe products.

When I clicked on the link in the e-mail, it is skipped to the following page and the countermeasure in Japanese is written.

Subject: Important warning about customer security

Our investigation has revealed that an attacker has illegally invaded our network. An attacker may have accessed your Adobe ID and encrypted password to extract information. At the moment it is not found that the customer's account has been illegally used. If you have ordered Adobe, you may have accessed your data such as your name, encrypted credit card number, card expiration date. It is not thought that the decrypted card number was pulled out from our system.

In order to protect your account from unauthorized access, we reset your password. Although very troublesome, please access passwordreset_jp and create a new password. If you use the same user ID and password on other web sites, we recommend that you also change those passwords. As before, please be careful when responding to e-mail requesting customer's personal information.

We are sorry to trouble you, but please check whether the withdrawal bank account and credit card are illegally used. Please check frequently such as bank statement or credit card statement. In the unlikely event that a suspicious record is found in your account or there is evidence that personal information has been illegally used, please contact the financial institution of your business immediately. We will get back to you as soon as we have more information on this matter.

I apologize sincerely for replying to the occurrence of such a situation. We value our customers' trust and our customers more than anything else. We will continue to actively prevent this situation from occurring in the future. If you have any questions, please click here and visit our customer consultation page.

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