American Express member data, including customer names, credit card numbers, and expiration dates, leaked from an intermediary

It has been discovered that member data for the credit card ``American Express'' was leaked from an external service provider that processes member data. American Express has warned that members' credit card numbers, expiration dates, and customer names may have been compromised.

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American Express credit cards exposed in third-party data breach

American Express card data exposed in third-party breach - CBS News

According to American Express, a third-party service provider contracted by many member stores was compromised by unauthorized access, and members' credit card numbers, expiration dates, and customer names were leaked. No systems owned or managed by American Express were affected, but American Express has vowed to actively monitor potentially affected credit cards to protect customers from fraudulent charges.

American Express has already notified Massachusetts regulators of the incident, asking customers to check for fraudulent activity related to their accounts and ensure that their contact information is correct so they can be immediately notified in the event of an incident. Please check to see if this is the case.'

It is unclear how many customers were affected, which merchant's systems were compromised, or when the attack occurred.

A spokesperson for American Express said: 'We have advanced monitoring systems and internal safeguards in place to detect fraudulent activity. When we become aware of a security incident that impacts our customers, we immediately begin an investigation. We will notify the appropriate regulatory authorities as appropriate.”

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