Spain orders suspension of iris recognition virtual currency ``Worldcoin'' launched by Sam Altman

Spain's data protection authority,

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos ( AEPD) has ordered a suspension of personal data collection and data processing.

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Worldcoin, launched in July 2023 by Tools for Humanity, a technology company co-founded by Sam Altman, downloads the wallet app 'World App' and uses the biometric authentication device 'Orb' to scan the iris. By scanning it, you can receive the digital currency 'WLD'. Tools for Humanity explains the intent of the iris scan as ``to generate a hash and grant virtual currency to users using zero-knowledge proofs .''

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However, on March 6, 2024, AEPD ordered Tools for Humanity to 'stop the collection and processing of personal data carried out in Spain in the Worldcoin project and proceed with the blocking of data already collected.' I've given up,' he announced. Commenting on the order, AEPD said: 'The processing of biometric data is considered to require special protection under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and involves high risks for people's rights. Due to privacy and data protection concerns regarding Worldcoin's iris scan, we have immediately stopped the processing of personal data to prevent possible leakage to third parties and to protect the fundamental right to personal data protection. 'We have adopted interim measures.'

AEPD gave Tools for Humanity 72 hours from the announcement to comply with the order. Failure to comply with this order may result in fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover under the GDPR. The order is expected to last up to three months.

'Sharing biometric data exposes people to a variety of risks, from identity fraud to health privacy violations to discrimination,' said AEPD Director Mar España Martí. Did. In addition, ``It is understandable that you would want to enjoy your weekend with 70 euros (about 11,000 yen) to 80 euros (about 13,000 yen) worth of virtual currency obtained by scanning your iris. 'Giving up personal data in exchange for large sums of money carries short-, medium- and long-term risks,' he said, highlighting the potential risks of Worldcoin.

Marti said, ``AEPD has sounded the alarm about Worldcoin for Europe. This issue is a concern for all citizens of the EU, and we need to take concerted action in each country.''

Regarding this order, Worldcoin stated, ``World ID, which identifies individuals through iris scans, allows millions of users to privately and securely prove their humanity online.'' , emphasizes that there are no privacy concerns.

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