Why does Amazon know card information on a new credit card that I do not even know?


Far from that users have not used it yet, there is a strange event that Amazon knows more about new credit card information than even the user first.

How did you know my new Visa card information before me? | Money | The Guardian

BritishThe GuardianAnna Tims who works at Anzi Tims, who was shopping at Amazon on Christmas, noticed that credit cards that I have never seen or used have been registered on my account. Tims seems to have registered only one credit card for payment to the Amazon account, but it seems that two cards that I used and two unknown cards were registered. Although the card that I was using was planned to expire at the end of the month, it was able to be used without problems at that time.

When Tims inquired Amazon about this unidentified card, it seems that there was no explanation about the other details by only "a new card was added to the account" reply.

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At that time, Tims says that he updated his card because the credit card used until then expired. Because I registered my parent's address when I created the card, the new card will be sent to my parents. When Mr. Tims received the new card, my parents confirmed the card number and expiration date, but the card number and the last 4 digits of the unknown card registered in the Amazon account match, the expiration date is the same I heard that it was "my own new credit card" because it seems that it is "card with unknown identity".

Tims who wondered about this situation was using the card of National Westminster Bank (NatWest) so if you contact NatWest, you will be informed that "please contact Visa". And when I inquired Visa by phone, it seems that I was instantly transferred to NatWest. NatWest's spokesperson said that it was a "strange event" that a new credit card was automatically registered and agreed with Tims' opinion that "Amazon should investigate the details". I heard that I also inquired Amazon, "Amazon was useless at all," Tims says.


At this time, everyone who communicated by inquiries did not know about "why Amazon knew about new credit card information?", But the answer is that "VAU(Visa Account Updater) "was hidden in the service. VAU is a service that franchisees can receive automatic renewal of cardholder information including account numbers and expiration dates. In other words, why Amazon knew about new credit card information is that "VAU automatically updated card information after update".

Although VAU may seem like an eerie service because "card information is automatically updated", it is to eliminate the default of payment due to the expiration of the card, which is useful for both retailers and customers But there are. Also, to introduce VAU so that card information can be stored securelyPCI data security standardIt is necessary to abide by, and its safety also comes with origami. In addition, similar services are also offered at MasterCard, and it seems that most major retailers are using similar services of VAU and MasterCard.

In order not to use this service, it is necessary to carry out prescribed procedures via the bank.

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