Where are the differences in entrepreneurial culture in Japan and the United States born?

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The American society that created the foundation of the worldwide Internet society has been said to have created innovative services even before that and is said to have a culture with high creativity. I am doing R & D of computer science in CaliforniaPalo Alto Research CenterMr. Aki Oohashi striving for director of business development at PARC, based on the experience of involving the IT bubble in Silicon Valley and the launch of a new business in Japan, the theme of "Difference in Japanese-American Entrepreneurial Culture" I am writing a blog that I made.

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Speaking of PARC, Steven Jobs is famous as the place where you saw the original GUI of the GUI on the Macintosh. Mr. Oohashi who is enrolled in such PARC says, "I hate risk taking in Japanese corporate culture and it is difficult to create a booming entrepreneurial environment in Japan, because acceptance to failing in business is low." Mr. Ani is an AmericanCarnegie Mellon UniversityI got my MBA in Japan and then came to Japan,PinterestTilefile Japan "which is a social media site like" Tilefile Japan "in collaboration with a classmate of a business school at the time. After that, investment will be made later at mixi's foundingNgi group Inc.I worked as a partner for investment business headquarters. Through these experiences Mr. Oohashi experienced "There is a decisive difference between the start-up in the US and Japan" and "Japanese are intolerant of failure, due to their temperament doing new business in Japan Hurdles are higher than done in the United States. "

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"Compared to the US, the risk of retiring from a large company in Japan and starting a business is high," Mr. Ohashi continues. "In the United States, if you start off from a stable organization, even if that business fails, its experience is appreciated and it is often accepted to another company with high treatment, but in the case of new business in Japan "In particular, large Japanese companies build sales plans with very long spans compared to other countries, and since they value the trust relationship when doing business, the agreement of many stakeholders , So it will be difficult to set up a new project within the organization that often does not know the balance unless you start it. "

Mr. Ann Oshi has worked in Japan in the past with venture capital. The company had provided B2B service strongly linked to the postal service, but the contents seemed to be superior to other companies in the same industry. However, the business will fail. Ultimately, it seems that we had to end the service provision in Japan, because we used up our initial budget without having to contract one contract.

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Ohashi said, "Japan is reluctant to the be incorporated into society those that have not been invented until now, the government is small in scale of M & A market but was legislation to make it easier for public offering of stock, Because there are also many expenses, it is less attractive for public offering of shares, which is less advantageous for the people and entrepreneurs investing in new businesses, so it can be said that disadvantages are great. "" Japan's venture capital is a bank in financial institutions and investment departments of large companies, is responsible for the only salaried workers who are there, you will not be selected to take the drastic risk. If the officer did not put out the fragrant results by investment, demoted or to other departments of the changes it will be be ordered to like. on the other hand, such as investors in silicon Valley and the United States of companies with successful experience Omoiki in new business It was make the investment "and describes the differences between the United States and Japan of the environment.

Mr. T. Ohashi points out that "the difference in education" is one factor behind this kind of environmental difference. Mr. Oohashi himself was born in the United States and was raised in the United States because he was born in the United States but is not receiving school education in Japan "School education in Japan is focusing on memorizing learning, students are faithful to the memorizing learning, teachers say the air "Japanese people point out that Americans do not hesitate to express their views to othersShow and TellIt seems surprising to touch the technique called. Because Japanese education does not do such education as a child, innovative ideas are hard to born, and most will become copies of overseas new business. "

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Mr. Oohashi admits that "each country has history and culture and can not be changed easily so easily", "Even in Japan, we have developed a system that allows companies to return to the company more easily, It will be difficult to change such a culture unless we build up the text. "

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