BlackBerry Inc. CEO of T-Mobile 's "furious plan to transfer to iPhone"

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In 1999 the Canadian RIM launched "BlackBerry"Will be widely known as the brand that represents the Genesis of smartphones,Barack ObamaIt became famous also what US president loves, but in recent yearsThe deterioration of performance is reportedThe circumstances surrounding management, such as, are becoming stricter than before. Meanwhile, headquartered in Germany,US business acquisition by SOFTBANK coveragewas thereT-MobileFor the preferential plan to transfer to the iPhone launched, BlackBerry'sJohn ChenThe CEO reveals a furious anger.

BlackBerry's CEO is 'outraged' by T-Mobile's attempts to convert its customers to the iPhone | The Verge

The beginning of the thing was the following advertisement mail that T-Mobile sent to its BlackBerry terminal user. Where the company providesSimple Choice PlanBy offering a subscription, there was a plan offering that you can get the latest iPhone 5s for free.

T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer |

In response to this T - Mobile iPhone 5s preferential plan, BlackBerry 's Chen CEO announced a statement blaming T - Mobile in blogging.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen on T - Mobile 's Anti - BlackBerry Campaign | Inside BlackBerry

In the blog, Chen CEO says "There was no prior notification from T-Mobile"

I can only guess that T - Mobile thought that "great offer for BlackBerry customers" would be well received.

T-Mobile seems to expect "preferential plans for BlackBerry users will be received favorably", but this is a big mistake

It shows a tough reaction. In addition, Chen CEO,

I want to thank our loyal customers for your commitment to BlackBerry. T-Mobile could not ignore. T-Mobile could not ignore. Your partnership with our brand is appreciated by all in us at BlackBerry, and draws a sharp contrast with the behavior of our longtime business partner.

I appreciate your trust in BlackBerry. For T-Mobile, I would like you to give me feelings of anger that I can no longer ignore, through e-mail, phone, comments on media, blog posting, etc. We appreciate all employees for their hot support to our products. It will be the opposite of partner's response that we have been cooperating for over many years.

And T-Mobile's plans to resist from the front right. At the end of the blog, Chen CEO directed T - Mobile,

Finally, to T-Mobile, I would like to remind you that productive and stance partnership was once again productive and profitable for both BlackBerry and T-Mobile. .

Finally, I would like to reaffirm T - Mobile 's reputation that the partnership we have built over the years has been productive for both companies and has produced many benefits. I would like to offer the service through the products for the customer once.

And, we are announcing statements that can be said to be exceptional.

In response to this, John Legere, CEO of T - Mobiel US, said on Twitter "The voice from the BlackBerry user has arrived, we will also consider it, we are doing tweets," indicating the reaction.

After that, T-Mobile announced a plan that partially strengthened benefits for BlackBerry users. Users who are using the current old model now have plans to give $ 200 (about 20,000 yen) as a model change support for BlackBerry handsets and the latest third-party smartphones. Furthermore, it is the latest modelBlackBerry Z10andBlackBerry Q10To change the model to, it is supposed that an additional $ 50 (about 5000 yen) will be added.

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The BlackBerry disturbance which showed an unusual development from the response of Chen CEO that can also be emotionally mid is interesting, but it is interesting to see how it will affect future progress. BlackBerry, due to poor performance in fiscal 2013,Canceled development of 2 smartphones that were planned to become new modelsIt is reported that. Also, as of the end of February 2014,More than 40 carriers deal with iPhoneAlthough it is T-mobile Inc. among themAT & amp; T,Sprint,VerizonIt is counted as "4 major major" line up with.

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