Board game "Inceptor" that competes in a dream with the movie "Inception" as a model

A movie released in 2010InceptionIs a movie depicting an industrial spy that enters into a person's dreams to steal information and to plant ideas, "There is a hierarchy in dreams" "As the dream hierarchy deepens, the way of time progresses slower "A special setting such as" going to the world of nihilism and not going back to the real world if you die in a dream "became a hot topic and summarized a movie review by film criticRotten TomatoesOkay.Earn 86 points out of 100 pointsdoing. It was the board game developed as a model of the inception "Inceptor"It has become a product that reflects the characteristics of movies attracting many people well.

Inceptor - The Game of Your Dreams by Pilot Study - Kickstarter

You can check what kind of board game Inceptor is from the following movie.

This is Inceptor, the white part is the square eye which advances the player's piece. The grid on the white circle consists of four kinds from 1st hierarchy to 4th hierarchy, and the center of the squares is LIMBO (emptiness). The rules of board games are almost the same as those of movies, that players enter the dream of a certain person as an industrial spy and they will return to reality with the mission succeeding until they wake up from their dreams, and the players will achieve missions You compete for the total number of points you get with.

Prior to starting the game, the player chooses a tool to check whether the world being reality is reality or a dream. The player uses the selected totem as each piece in the game.

The mission that the player challenges is composed of a total of four elements of "Architect" "Forger" "Extractor" "Inception" To achieve the mission, you have to collect the cards corresponding to each element not.

When you stop at a specific square you can draw the card, but some of the cards attacking the player are contained in the subconscious dream subconscious.

When someone of the players succeeds in planting ideas, "FinalKick" countdown is started and players go to the world of emptiness if they do not escape from their dream within the designated turn, and until then To lose many points earned.

The number of players of Inceptor is 2 to 5 people so that they can play with a small group of friends or a family with a large number of people.

There is also an Inceptor of the Chemist edition which can receive a Silver Attache Case Inceptor box containing a dream sharing device used in the movie.

Inceptor is currently in the process of seeking investment with Kickstarter for commercialization, but as of February 28, 2014, the target amount of 30,000 dollars (about 3,050,000 yen) has been achieved, Almost certain. You can earn one Inceptor with a capital of more than $ 59 (about 6000 yen), one exclusive box with Inceptor and Attache Case with a capital of more than 110 dollars (about 11,000 yen). Shipping to Japan requires a separate $ 30 (about 3100 yen). The deadline is 11:07 AM Friday, April 11, 2014, Japan time.

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