What is the problem of technology to create children who inherit DNA from three parents?

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Has begun discussing about "treatment to create children who have inherited DNA from three people" this week. As an opinion of the proponents, it is pointed out that "the risk of inheriting disease from three people is reduced," but on the other hand, from the opponentsDesigner BabyEthical problems have been pointed out as accelerating the movement of people.

FDA Weighs Risks of 3-Person Embryo Fertilization - ABC News

As for "children with three parents", animal experiments using parents and the other female have already been conducted, and children born from three parents have weak eyesight or defective internal organs, There is no problem such as so far it is healthy. However, researchers observe the progress of children born, as it is necessary for a long time to fully appreciate the experiment. According to Dr. Keith Latham of the State University of Michigan, all the experiments will be done tens of years later.

When the FDA held a meeting this week and asked the expert for opinions, the exchange of DNA using the human body is unknown technically and ethically, and the fear that the designer baby will be made when it is left unchanged As a result, we claimed that more than half of all but abstentions should control the crime.

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Designer baby is a child made by customizing the eye color, height, intelligence, etc. in the form that the parent wishes by genetic manipulation at the stage of fertilized egg, and until a while ago it was a story of the fiction world Although it was thought, it is becoming a reality technology now.

Moreover, in addition to voice calling for FDA to crack down on ethical aspects, "In 40 countries including Germany and France it is prohibited to manipulate genes for children in the future, and FDA It is funny to admit experiments "also raised questions.

A group conducting genetic recombination experiments is also participating in the conference, and a team led by scientist Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health Science University in Poland is one of them. The team uses its own technologyMitochondriaSucceeded in the experiment that replaces defective DNA in the body and produces healthy monkeys. In the United States, as many as 4000 children are inherited from parental diseases due to mitochondrial degeneration, the research team thinks that more children can avoid disease if the experiment is in the practical stage.

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However, "There are various aspects of diseases caused by mitochondria and it is not really understood yet," Dr. Katharine Wenstrom of Brown University. "We have to investigate the lifespan of the monkeys and mice that we are experimenting firmly and carefully develop the technology carefully" continued the word.

Technology such as robots, space travel, flying cars, and so far only in the storyIt became a realityThere are many cases, but in ChinaThe world's largest "clone factory" mass-producing cloned pigsThere are not necessarily only positive aspects, such as being born, and many problems to be solved ethically and technically remain.

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