"Depixelizing Pixel Art" which can easily compare algorithms to reduce the graininess of dots

It has 4 times the resolution of full HD4K resolutionThe momentum that it is going to spread in earnest in the end, but too much resolution is too high, depending on the applicationCharacters are too small to readAnd other harmfulness are starting to appear. As a problem caused by such a high resolution, there is a "dot feeling" of character design, and when you make an obscure character expanded on a high resolution display, the outline is so shaky that it will be in a condition that you can not see it very much. It is easy to process and compare characters using an algorithm that smoothly corrects outrageous contour filled with such a feeling of "Depixelizing Pixel Art"is.

Depixelizing Pixel Art

Depixelizing Pixel Art is aimed at making it easy to compare the dot sense and alleviating algorithm developed by Microsoft with other similar algorithms.

This is a sample image before processing.Super Mario Yoshi's IslandYoshi's, the lower left is the full size image, you can see well that the dot feeling stands out as you expand 4 times, 8 times, 16 times.

Located above the image is a variety of algorithms that reduces the dot feeling. When placing the mouse cursor over a character, the image is automatically processed by that algorithm. For example "Bicubic (bicubic method)When selecting the algorithm "This is like this. It seems to reduce the dot feeling by blurring the outline.

"FPX" isSolid pasteProcessing like.

"Hq 4 x"It feels like reproducing the curve fairly faithfully.

"Live Trace (live trace)" has become a unique expression by reducing the amount of information.

"Vector MagicOkay.Abstract paintingsTo a unique world view like ... ....

Processing using these algorithms developed by Microsoft is like this.

Depixelizing Pixel Art is thought to be made for the purpose of appealing the excellence of Microsoft's algorithm, but since you can easily change the image with various algorithms, you can transform various characters other than Yoshi and change it It is possible to enjoy. For exampleSuper Mario WorldKoppa's ...

With hq4x like this.

Theresa ......

Making a cute change with Microsoft algorithm.

Also the character "HELP!" ...

"Super 2 x Sai"Working while keeping a sense of presence.

What I notice while trying various things is that the expression method of Vector Magic is innovative among many algorithms. Mario of Super Mario World ......

To a pointed feeling.

on the other handSuper Mario CollectionPrincess Peach is ......


Super mario brosSuper mario ... ...

It quickly changed to a character which passed somehow.

Mario SeriesNot only characters but also other nostalgic characters are available.Super BombermanBomberman is ...

It changed to the impression that head was rugged by EPX.

NostalgicSpace Invaders(Invader Game) Invaders ... ...

When it is a Microsoft algorithm, it looks like a loose character. In this way, I realize that the invaders are the only thing with that dot feeling.

Windows developed icons can not be removed from Microsoft developed. this isWindows 3.1Setup icon.

Reduce the feeling that it felt with hq 4x. As you can see from the comparison of the software process, you can see that the original icon was an excellent design that can simply convey the image accurately though simple.

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