New model of SONY · Compact digital camera "WX series · HX series" 4 models one after review

Japan's largest camera / photo event to be held in Pacifico Yokohama until February 16, 2014CP + 2014", Sony is a compact digital camera"Cyber-shot WX series · HX series"The latest model of the model is exhibited at once.

DSC-WX 220 | Cyber-shot | Sony

DSC-WX 350 | Cyber-shot | Sony

DSC-HX60V | Cyber-shot | Sony

DSC-HX400V | Cyber-shot | Sony

DSC-WX 220 & amp; WX 350
"WX 220"Is a slim model weighing 122 g, with black, gold and pink color variations available.

Equipped with Sony G lens with optical 10x zoom of 18.2 million effective pixels and 25mm - 250mm in 35mm equivalent.

It has an image engine "BIONZ X" with processing capability three times as much as before, and a "lock on AF" function that tracks by recognizing the size of the subject. Not only Wi - Fi but also NFC function is equipped, you can transfer photograph data taken more easily to the mobile terminal.

"WX 350"Is the top model of WX 220, with 20x optical zoom mounted.

WX220 is 2.7 in liquid crystal, while WX 350 adopts 3.0 type. Also the number of shots is 470 stamina specifications.

The color develops three colors of black, white and pink.

Comparing the sizes of WX 350 (left) and WX 220 (right), it looks like this. The WX 220 · WX 350 will be released on March 7, 2014, and the price at the Sony store is 33,281 yen, 25,980 yen (tax included) respectively.

New model of Cyber-shot high zoom model "HX series"HX60V"Sony G lens (24 mm - 720 mm) with optical zoom of 30 times installed.

The number of effective pixels is 20.4 million. Before modelHX50VIn addition to the optical vibration reduction in the 3 axes (vertical, horizontal, rotation direction) adopted by the camera, it is equipped with "intelligent active mode" corresponding to 5 axes plus vertical vibration and electronic vibration reduction.

Equipped with P / A / S / M exposure mode, exposure compensation dial, GPS log function, the aperture can be set in 8 steps. The Mi (multi interface) shoe which was not in HX50V is prepared so that external flash can be installed.

HX60V will be released on March 7, 2014,Sony storeThe price is 3,980 yen (tax included).

DSC-HX 400 V
High-end model of Cyber-shot "HX 400 V"Equipped with an optical 50 × zoom lens of 24 mm - 1200 mm in terms of 35 mm.

While other models are Sony G lenses, the HX 400 V lens is made by Carl Zeiss. "T * coating" is given and suppresses reflected light such as ghost and flare.

The grip end equipped with various dial switches is excellent in holding properties.

The number of effective pixels is 20.4 million. Equipped with Mi shoe which was not in HX 300 V of the previous model. It weighs about 660 g.

It is said that the anti-shake performance and optical performance are compatible with the "second-group anti-vibration hand shake correction" function that moves the front second zoom lens group.

Tilt type 3 type liquid crystal.

Of course equipped with the GPS log function.

It supports NFC as well as Wi-Fi. It is easier to transfer data wirelessly by eliminating the need to enter the password that was necessary when transferring via Wi-Fi.

HX 400 V will be released on April 4, 2014,Sony storeThe price is 50,440 yen (tax included).

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