"Successful words" and "words to fail" when collecting money by soliciting investment turned out

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Cloud Funding PlatformKickstarterFor the creative project, you can ask for funds from the general public and get them backed up in exchange for prizes and experiences / new products,Georgia Institute of TechnologyThe team studying cloud facing of the company found that the campaign was surprisingly successful when using "certain words".

Georgia Tech Researchers Reveal Phrases that Pay on Kickstarter | College of Computing

Associate Professor Eric Gilbert of Georgia Institute of Technology and Tanushree Mitra who is doing a doctorate studied about about 45,000 projects on Kickstarter and the words used when the project is successful And I revealed the words used when I fail.

According to Gilbert's associate professor, "For example, many of the projects in which there is a return on investment, feeling that society participates, and authority is felt have been successfully financed," and the investor By giving something in return, there is a possibility that the probability of success of the project can be raised. And in this research I found that "the words of the people who started the Kickstarter project" when setting the reward will make a big difference in the level of money collected.

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For example, a project with a powerful word such as "also receive two", "has pledged" (guaranteed), "project will be (project is soon)" has a high probability of reaching the target amount That's right. On the other hand, phrases such as "dressed up", "not been able", "trusting" are common in projects where no money is collected.

Of the approximately 45,000 projects we surveyed, 51.53% succeeded in collecting the target amount, the remaining 48.47% failed this. In the research, we will investigate which of the successes and failures is involved, including the project category and target amount, whether you are using uploaded movies and social media, investment difficulty or even over 20,000 phrases It is said that. Among these factors, "the words used by the founder of the project" in particular seems to have been deeply involved in the success of the project.

ByScott Beale

The phrases used in the project where the target amount gather are as follows.

◆ Mutuality(A phrase that you can expect a return of something)

· Also receive two (you can receive two more)
· Pledged will (project will soon)
· Good karma and (reward)

Rare(Phrases that you know as unusual)

Option is (option is optional)
· Given the chance (given a chance)

Social proof(Phrases reminiscent of social connection)

· Has pledged (as promised)

◆ Social identity(A phrase that makes you feel that you are in a special group)

· To build this (build this)
· Accessible to the (accessible)

◆ Preferred(Impression for the project and those promoting it)

Authority(Phrases seen in expert opinion, etc., useful to make a quick decision on projects)

· We can afford (we can do)
· Project will be (project is soon)

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