Sony negotiates with the investment fund for the sale of PC business of "VAIO" brand

Sony "VAIOIt is reported that we are talking about selling PC business that is widely deployed as brand to investment fund / Japanese industrial partners.

Sony, negotiating with investment funds on sale of "VAIO" business = relationship muscle | Reuters

Sony to investment fund to sell PC business: M & A news: enterprise: market: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Current affairs dot com: Sony to sell PC business = Investment fund To Japan Industrial Partners

According to reports such as Reuters · Nikkei · Newsletter, Sony's PC business has been sluggish and expected to be in the red for the current term. The project is considered to be transferred to a new company established by Nippon Sangyo Partners, and although it continues its business because brands are penetrating in Japan, it seems that it will be considered including withdrawal from overseas.

For Sony's PC business, on February 1stI am negotiating with the Lenovo groupThere is a report that reports.

Partnership negotiation with Lenovo at Sony PC business NHK News

However, while acknowledging that Sony is considering choices about the PC business, he denied, "The report on the partnership between the Company and the Lenovo Group regarding the PC business is not a fact."

Sony Japan | News Releases | About Partial News Contents February 1, 2014

Sony also commented on this news report that "It is not based on the announcement of our company," but as for the content of the news, "We are considering various choices about PC business, but further comments I will refrain from saying "to avoid concrete words.

Sony Japan | News Releases | About Partial Report on February 4, 2014, 5th

This time, NIPPON INDUSTRIES PARTNERS, who has been named, NECNEC Big LobeToWho sold itBut there are.

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Formally announcing that Sony has transferred the PC business of the "VAIO" brand to JIP, focusing on the smartphone and tablet at the end of the 2014 spring model - GIGAZINE

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