Formally announcement that Sony transferred the PC business of "VAIO" brand to JIP, focused on the smartphone and tablet at the end of 2014 spring model

The other day on February 5 "Sony negotiates with the investment fund for the sale of PC business of "VAIO" brand"There was a report saying, but Sony announced that it was officially transferred. It will conclude a formal deal by the end of March 2014, and transfer will be executed in July 2014.

Sony Japan | News Releases | Conclusion of Confirmation of Intention Concerning Transfer of PC Business

The contents are as follows.

· The new company will operate the entire project from the planning, designing, development, manufacturing, sale etc. of the PC business with the VAIO brand as an independent business company.
· At the beginning of the establishment, we will aim to stabilize early earnings with management at an appropriate business scale, such as by focusing on selling consumer and corporate PCs through appropriate sales channels, mainly in Japan, after reconsidering the product composition.
· The new company currently engages in planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, selling PCs at Sony and domestic affiliated companies with Nagano Technology site (Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture) as the base of operations of Sony's PC business We start operations with around 250 to 300 people, mainly employees.
· The new company will be established and operated under JIP's capital contribution and management support, but in order to support start-up and smooth business transition, we will invest 5% from Sony at the beginning.
· In consideration for the transaction, negotiations will be made in the future according to the transferred assets to be confirmed in the formal contract.

"As Sony, it is optimal to concentrate on smartphones and tablets in the mobile domain and to transfer the PC business to a new company established by JIP, to make the VAIO brand PC business survive under the new company In order to be said, the Spring 2014 spring model will be the last VAIO as Sony, but since the VAIO brand itself will survive, it will be the same feeling as IBM sold the Thinkpad to Lenovo That's right.

In addition,After Sony's business convergence, after-sales service to customers of already sold Sony products will continueSo, existing VAIO users will continue to support Sony.

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