"Jojoror" won a grand prize at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival, Hirohiko Araki also appeared

The 28th year of the series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"Part 8 of the series"Jojo Lion"Is from Shueisha's"Ultra JumpIt is a manga work series serialized. That JojorolThe 17th Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalWon the Grand Prize at the manga department of the author,Hirohiko ArakiAppeared in the exhibition held on February 4, 2014.

Jojororion, who won the grand prize at the 17th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival's Manga Division, is exhibited at the back of the exhibition room.

Mr. Araki 's work desk looked like this, and in front of the desk, posters etc of models like JoJo were stuck.

A color illustration of Toho Kosuke in which a white costume shines clearly in blue.

The color illustration is impressive with vivid color usage.

There are 4 color illustrations on display.

Other valuable manuscripts are on exhibition.

One of the attractions of the Media Arts Festival is that you can see manuscripts and illustrations that you can not normally see in the near future.

JOJO LION 's unique visuals and tricky directing, the pursuit of the possibilities of frame division expression, and the theme called "Human Hymn" are the reasons for winning the Grand Prize.

According to Mr. Araki, JoJolyeon is a work expressing the family's mystery through the help of a person who does not know who he is, while rotating, it rotates genre of baroque music, classical, jazz, hard rock, pops I heard that while listening.

Mr. Araki appeared when I was watching the exhibit and Q & A session began after a simple greeting.

Mr. Araki asked about the relationship between Jyojoron and the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011. "As soon as the steel ball race of the previous work has ended, the serialization of Jojorolion has just begun.The steel ball, The Great East Japan Great Earthquake occurred at the time of the completion of the run.It is a coincidence that it is a coincidence that the flea town which is the stage of Jojo Lion is actually modeled on Sendai City where I grew up. Immediately after the earthquake In some cases the publishing world was in a state of being stopped, I decided to incorporate the earthquake disaster into my work in the flow of production. I also drew it as a manga expression with considerable caution It really happened to me. "

"What kind of feeling does the attention gather for fashion of characters in the work in female fashion magazines etc." To the question "Well, the main character I draw depends on not removing the hat even in the ocean, fashion too I think that it is a part of the character.The boy's manga is the feeling of talking about "It's the heat of the hero." In a fashion magazine, because it is said that I want you to draw coolness rather than heat, feeling it is difficult I answered "It was.

Next, when asked about the fashion brands and designers that they are referring to, "I appeared around 1980 when I started writing JoJo's bizarre adventure,VersaceYaMoschino,MissoniI am referencing Italian fashion brands, such as color combinations are wonderful, such as brands that are affected by ancient Rome. "

According to Mr. Araki, I do not think at all about writing how many JoJo's bizarre adventures will continue. Also, regarding the fact that I received an award from an agency of the national government called the Agency for Cultural Affairs, "I think that manga has some influence on the mental and daily lives of readers who read the work, I am glad that Jojo Lion will serve you so that the country of Japan will be better indirectly, "he says honest feelings.

Color illustrations and manuscripts of "Jojororion" are exhibited at the 17th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival held from February 5 to February 16, 2014, not a fan of JoJo's bizarre adventure And it is worth a visit.


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