A fake virus alert wearing Microsoft as a premium video site appears

Video siteDailymotionMicrosoft Security Essentials warning is displayed when trying to play the movie, and it is pointed out that if you try to remove the virus according to the dialog, it is possible that you could allow malware to be invaded, instead of cleaning your computer. I will.

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It's actually happening that anti-virus software alerts you when you try to play the movie, and if you are performing the cleanup work as it is said, actually it is not anti-virus software but malware, But it is a reality that this can be done with a very simple program.

Security companyInvinceaResearchers were browsing the Internet, found malware pretending to be anti-virus software on the top page of Dailymotion on a famous movie site. A movie that shoots how the virus warning is actually displayed will be released.

K.I.A - DailyMotion Part 2: FakeAV Threat - YouTube

Search Google Phrase "Dailymotion".

Click the Dailymotion website displayed at the top of the search results.

The movie has been totally displayed. Up to this point is normal. If you select the movie you want to watch and click to play it ... ...

A popup window is displayed.

When zooming in,Microsoft Security EssentialsThe display as if it started. It is said that it is necessary to clean up the computer, and click "OK".

Since Microsoft Security Essentials has found a dangerous item, it is displayed, so click on "Clean computer" as it is told.

Then, to the flow of downloading the executable file. Click "Run".

The file download will start.

I was not able to verify the issuer, will you launch the software? Click "Run" when asked.

Further permission ......, and being cheated by the name of "Microsoft", I will inadvertently intrude malware.

According to a spokesperson for Dailymotion,Also in early JanuarySimilarly, there is a case in which a movie on Dailymotion is redirected to a fake antivirus warning, and these two cyber attacksBy the same criminalIt is said that it is seen as.

Even a malicious attacker gets an attack with that hand, so even if it is a famous site everyone uses, it is not necessarily "absolutely safe". Because it is software with a known name, it is important not to download and install, but to control whether the file is really safe or whether the site you are watching is safe, taking defense measures.

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