How dangerous is the trap domain "" using Google?

When you access Google, if you enter "" in the address bar, you will be able to connect to Google without fail, but by"And"Goggle.netPop-up windows are opened one after the other, malicious software such as spyware and malware is installed one after another, Windows behavior is suspicious, automatically guided to a site that you do not want to see, Messages came out and everything got hit by all kinds of disasters, and even if you wanted to disinfect, new types of spyware will be installed automatically one after another to combat disinfection, and you will encounter terrible eyes ... ... that was agreed with the recognition that "that site is dangerous" from before.

So on YouTube there is a sample movie of how much you get awful. Let's see. And there is also a movie saying that I did a follow-up test, but I had not been badly scared.
The movie of the shock which became the beginning of the fuss first. I started Windows, I tried to access Google, I mistakenly entered "". It will be outrageous. BGM well represents that panic.

YouTube - The consequences of going to goggle

Let's examine how dangerous it is with "SiteAdvisor" of "McAfee" which is a major anti-virus software manufacturer. | Web safety assessment of McAfee SiteAdvisor

Apparently it is dangerous to be dangerous, but depending on the environment it seems there is a possibility that it may not be the level of super danger as far as it is. For example, if it is IE 7 installed in Windows Vista, or if it is via Firefox or Linux, it seems that the above-mentioned crazed behavior does not occur.

* It is not safe, it is upgraded every day and it is becoming more intimidating, so ordinary general users should not access ""!

So, a movie of people who actually experimented and experimented. Only two pop-up windows opened. XP SP2 seems to occasionally block all.

YouTube - The truth about

Almost unscathed to people here.

YouTube - RE: Misspell Google

In the first place, this "" has existed since 1998, and there are many cases where spyware is installed by erroneously accessing by such misperper of such famous site. In cases where you are covered with spyware even though you have not accessed a spicy adult site, there are many cases that someone of your family has allowed spyware intrusion via a site that you missed for a moment with some mistake. As a result, there is a pattern that infection spreading globally as shown by the following F-Secure security company. It is a world map map infection map that seems to be distant just by looking.

YouTube - WorldMap Live Storm - Worm

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