I tried 'Furutsushi <Prisky Buschy taste>' collaborated with Puritzu

KumamonYaMs. BaliFujibashi City Non-official recognition character which drops flying birds while Yuru characters such as such are gathering attention widelyFunassyiHowever, they collaborated with Glico's Pritz "Plitz "Was sold on Tuesday, January 21. I bought it and tried to eat it because it was a pear or custard flavor that was conscious of fruit juice and futsu.

Funassy became pretz! "Lime juice taste" | Glyco

Four kinds of packages are prepared for Plits .

Normal version




All packages have similar facial expressions, and there are no glue on the top right of the package.

While pear juice bucher taste, pear juice and pulp are not contained, and it is said that pears and custard fragrance are used.

On the reverse side, explanation of "pear juice bush" is written.

Pear juice can not be confirmed as raw material, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, etc. can be confirmed.

Calories are 210 kcal per bag.

It is like this when taking out to a plate.

You can see grilled eyes on the surface of Plits.

The length is somewhat shorter than the regular size of the plits, it fits in the palm.

Like a product name pear juice never overflows as "busher", the texture of plits that it was crispy. There is no fruit juice, but there is fragrance, and some taste of pear and custard is done. It is finished in a tarty-like taste with pears and the taste of pear is closer to pears of the 21st century than varieties such as Kosui and Hengshui.

Puritz has been sold in limited quantity and it seems that it is supposed to sell until the end of February,Videos released before the releaseThere is a possibility that it might be sold out earlier in Glyco company even more than expected, so it seems better to buy people who are interested if you see it.

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