Agencies that distribute malware via Google Chrome's extension are on the rise

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Since Google Chrome automatically updates in the background, users can use the latest version of the browser at any time. It is very convenient for this function to keep the extended function up-to-date, but it turns out that there are an increasing number of suppliers who have mixed adware and malware in the extension update.

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The beginning of the matter is one of the RSS readers "Feedly"Google Chrome special extension that can add a site by simply clicking on"Add to Feedly"Was to receive an offer to sell an extended function from a certain vendor. Amit Agarwal says that he created Add to Feedly in less than an hour, willingly accept the offer from the vendor and will sell the extension.

Approximately one month after Mr. Agarwal sold the ownership of Add to Feedly, the first update from Add to Feedly 's new owner was distributed. However, the update contained malicious malware and it was distributed to approximately 30,000 Add to Feedly users.

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Add to Feedly is not the only case where malware or adware was included in the extension. According to Ars Technica, "Tweet This Page"We know that malicious adware was also included in Chrome's extension. The troublesome thing about the extension infected with the virus is that it can not be found even by scanning the PC with ordinary anti-virus software, and the user must remove the extension which seems suspicious by himself. However, since the extension is automatically updated in the background, it is very difficult for users to notice.

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Even if you are a trusted developer who created the extension, after the user installs the extension, the ownership of the extension will go to the untrusted dealer and adware and malware will be distributed via automatic update If it does, the user has no technique to do. If Google Chrome's extensions show disturbing behavior, it's better to check the extensions review and check other user's comments.

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