"Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan's sci-fi movie "Interstellar" trailer release, a spectacular journey to change the destiny of mankind

In the future world, maize brought up on the earth came the last harvest, scientists finally went through a wormhole to another dimension to save the endangered human race, somewhere I will go on searching for a crop that I should have yet to grow ...storyDirector Christopher Nolan's science fiction movie "Interstellar (Interstellar)However, is not that exactly the absurd story almost correct? A trailer named "The First Time" was released for the first time.

Interstellar Movie - Official Teaser - YouTube

"We always define ourselves with the ability to overcome the impossible"

Director Christopher Nolan

"I cherish these moments"

"When we aimed for higher height, when we defeated the standing walls"

"When we reached the stars,"

"When I learned something unknown"

"We value these moments as the most proud achievement"

"But we lost everything."

"Perhaps we have forgotten that it is still a pioneer."

"We finally decided to start."

"And, compared to the fate that lies above us, anything we have done so far will not be a great achievement."

Finally the title "Interstellar" is displayed, and the trailer with a very lingering end will come to an end

Screening will be held one year after November 7, 2014

The staff and the actor feel like this, and it is the one who plays the hero's CooperMatthew McConaughey, BesidesAnn Hathaway,Jessica Chastain,Bill · Erwin,Ellen Burstin,Michael Caine.

CompositionHans · Jimmer

We will also show at IMAX

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