I tried eating sashimi, egg racket, rice cake, pork bowl using "Turtle Knob Fresh Soy Sauce Shop"

Speaking of Kikkoman is Japan's largest soy sauce manufacturer, the most major "Kikkoman Soy Sauce"Is usually sold at around 350 yen per liter. Regular line products are mass-produced in modern ways using huge tanks, but limited edition "Turtle millet freshly squeezed soy sauce"Is prepared using cedar wooden pail in a" fortress "that was constructed as a special brewery in soy sauce to be delivered to the Imperial Household Agency in the past using carefully selected ingredients, aged over the years, the price is 450 ml It is sold at mail order limited price of 1800 yen including tax with premium price.

As I got a pre-ordered order in September, it arrived the other day so I tried eating with soy sauce for various foods at once.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce | Turtle Knob Many fresh squid soy sauce

"Komonoshi freshly squeezed soy sauce warehouse student" is delivered in a dressing box.

Not katakana in "kikkoman" but also in kanji "tortoiseshell" is also miso.

When opening the box, soy sauce was packed in washi style.

"A premium once a year, where the tradition and technology of Kikkoman gave birth."

I also have instructions.

Explanation of the origins of the warehouse and the domestic materials used

It is made of two-stage aging recipe using cedar buckwheat, using soy sauce instead of saline when charging soy sauce, it is raw soy sauce that is not heated.

It is like this when putting the bottle vertically. Because capacity is 450 ml, it is about the same size as PET bottle of about 500 ml.

I will peel off the tape and open it.

When opening it, a simple package with a little sense of quality appears.

It is written "super special".

Commitment to soy sauce,Double structure bottleThe explanation of it is written.

Soybeans, wheat, salt and alcohol are used as raw materials, and it seems that we do not use special raw materials.

Calorie is 1 tablespoon (15ml) with 20kcal, salt equivalent is 2.5ml. OrdinaryKikkoman Soy SauceIt is 1 tablespoon with 13 kcal and the equivalent salt amount is 2.4 ml.Kikkoman Special Round Soy Soy SauceIs 1 tablespoon, energy is 15 kcal, salt equivalent is 2.5 ml, so slightly high calorie, salt equivalent is not much changed.

First of all, I will compare it with special selection round soybean soy sauce after opening for a while.

I broke vinyl and opened it.

Soy sauce comes out from a small hole when extruded.

First of all, pour the "Turtle Knob Fresh Sushi Sushi Ryorusha" into the dish ......

Special selection round soybean soy sauce is also poured into the dish.

When comparing the two soy sauce, it is felt that the color of "Tortoise Fresh Rip Fresh Soy Sauce Shop" on the left side is slightly lighter.

I will eat sashimi and compare it.

Special selection round soybean soy sauce is a little drool because it is several days after opening, scent is also so so. While still leaving soy sauce taste, the main character is the taste of the sea bream.

Komonoshi freshly soup soy sauce use warehouse has a rich fragrance when it approaches the nose. When attached to sashimi, the taste is rich, it feels a complicated umami, I feel saltiness is not strong because the umami is strong. I heard that live soy sauce is often strong acidity, but there was nothing like that. Because the taste of soy sauce itself is pretty solid, the existence of soy sauce was felt stronger than the deliciousness of the sea bream.

Especially good compatibility with squid, it may be delicious if you eat bowl etc. When I tried a blind test by three people in the editorial staff, two out of three people were able to hit Tortoise Sushi fresh soy sauce warehouse holder with high soy sauce.

I will eat it as egg-pickled rice.

Eggs are "Tasty eggs raw and deliciousI tried using it.

To the egg put in the bowl ... ....

Turtle Knob Many fresh soy sauce soup stocks are introduced.

Stir them ... ....

Rice over ......

Completion after mixing.

Because the flavor and richness of eggs are strong, there is not much presence of soy sauce in a small amount, but when soy sauce is put in a little more, the taste of firm soy sauce is felt and it fits well with eggs

I will add soy sauce to the rice cake and bake it.

Put the rice cake in the oven toaster and heat it for a while.

It gradually expanded.

I will attach a freshly made raw soy sauce warehouse to the rice cake.

Turn on soy sauce and bake it further. I did not feel the fragrance much, but the brown seems quite nice.

It is said that blatant soy sauce and high soy sauce are burned and it is said that blatant difference is understood, but when using freshly squeezed raw soy sauce, taste and fragrance remain firmly. I do not know if the usage is correct, but it has become a rice cake with a pretty high-quality taste.

Finally fried with soy sauce and garlic etc.Sota-donI decided to make a pork bowl of the wind. Turtle Knob Many fresh soy sauce Potato sauce, Mirin style seasoning, cooking sake, pepper, blue onion, onion, pork belly, sesame, garlic are prepared.

Mix Kimono Fresh Soy Sauce Dispenser with seasoning liquid.

First stir-fry onion with sesame oil ......

When the onions are smooth, put the pork belly.

When the red part of the pork belly disappears, throws of the rice bowl style are also introduced.

If you boil down one ... ...

Place ingredients cooked on rice.

Completed with sesame · green onion.

I also got a nice feeling of grilled eyes firmly.

Impression that the taste is too elegant for gut rice bowl with garlic. As the taste of grease comes out to the whole surface when used to cook the fat meat firmly like pork loin, it was a slightly unsuitable way of eating to feel the original flavor of delicate squeezed fresh soy sauce . However, it seems that you can feel the taste of soy sauce as it is used for such as trimmer soup that you assert.

One bottle of 450 ml and 1800 yen is never a cheap price, but it has become a very delicate and mellow taste and it is possible to taste the rich soy sauce which is different from usual when used simply for sashimi etc etc. Turtle Knob Fresh Soy Sauce Forever Certainly already sold this year's sale, but it looks pretty, so it is perfect for next year's gift.

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