Compact & 6000 mAh Danba collaboration battery equipped with two output ports "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" review

Danbo collaboration mobile battery that sells too much and production can not catch up"Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version"Although it was a large capacity of the battery 10400 mAh, it was larger than the smartphone and it was thick, so it was somewhat lacking in compactness. This was made compact size convenient to carry "Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -So, as opposed to cute looks, two USB ports for output are mounted, and the capacity of the battery is 6000 mAh, it also has a practical function.

By the way, Danbo is a character (?) That appeared in the manga "Yotsubato!Appeared times "Yotsuba Danbo"You can read it on the Yoshoba Studio official website.

Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -

"Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" is a model that appeared in response to the user's request "I want even smaller sizes!"

The use side is written on the side of the box, and it can be used for charging iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Wi - Fi router etc etc.

The material of the box is corrugated cardboard and on the back side there is a hole in the face mold so it feels like a danbo itself.

The size of the mobile battery is 74 mm wide × 48 mm vertical × 34 mm thick, and the main body weight is 140 g.

So I will try opening the box immediately.

Inside the body · USB cable for charging · Instruction manual · Pouch was included.

This is the main body of "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -".


On the top is a character of 6000 mAh which is the capacity of the battery.

It is described on the bottom that two ports of 5 V / 1A port and 5 V / 2.1 A port are mounted for output.

On the left side there is a 5V / 1A microUSB port used to charge "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -".

On the right side there is a USB port for charging other equipment from "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -", the left side is the USB 1A output port, the right side is the USB 2.1 A output port. Since it is said that the USB 2.1 A output port is designed for the iPad, if you want to charge the iPad, it is OK if you use the 2.1 A output port.

When comparing "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" with iPhone 5, it looks like this.

The thickness is 4 times stronger than the iPhone 5.

When I take it in my hand this size feeling.

The eye portion of "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -" is an indicator lamp for informing the remaining battery level, with yellowing lit at about 67 to 100% remaining, orange lit at about 34 to 66% It turns red in about 5 to 33%, turns red when it becomes 5% or less, and tells us that the main body charging is necessary. To turn on the lamp, press the button on the mouth portion of Danbo.

You can tell what kind of feeling it will be when the eye of "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -" shines by looking at the following movie.

Danbo Collaboration Mini Battery Eye Lighting - YouTube

So I will try charging the iPhone with "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -".

Insert the Lightning cable for iPhone charging into the USB port ......

Connect "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" to iPhone.

Then press the button at the mouth of Danbo to start feeding.

Danbo's eyes fire when charging starts!

Charging is done firmly even if the light of the eyes disappears.

OtherNexus 5Charging and ....

IPad AirYou can also charge tablets like.

To charge "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini -", first insert the supplied USB cable for charging into the microUSB port written "INPUT".

Also insert the USB terminal side ......

Start charging. It is about 7 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery.

The state of charging can be seen from the following movie.

While charging "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" like this - YouTube

The face of Danbo is also printed on the attached pouch, so that you can taste the feeling of dumbo anytime anywhere.

In addition, "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-" can be purchased with Amazon 3250 yen including tax. cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version - mini - 6000 mAh Multi - device mobile battery: cheero mart

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