"Cheero Danboard USB AC Adapter" that the face of Danbo became a smartphone's quick charge AC adapter as it is, two cars are charged simultaneously with 2 ports OK

Da Boa shaped iPhone 5 times large capacity battery "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version"YaCompact & 6000 mAh danba collaboration battery equipped with two output ports "cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version-mini-"From the cheero who has been sending out one after another and so on this time, the adapter which designed the face of Dan Bo as it is newly appeared.

Cheero Danboard USB AC Adapter

Looks like this. The size is 40.5 × 62.5 × 39 mm, and the weight is about 65 g.

In use

It has two output ports, one for iOS and one for Android, which allows for simultaneous charging of two. Total output is 3.1 A, fast charging can be applied to tablets with input 2A or more and smartphones with input 1A or more.

The plug on the back is a foldable type, and the dumbbell

Package images cardboard in this kind of atmosphere. Since it does not come with a cable, it is premised to use a cable on hand.

When all the Danbo series are completed, it becomes like this

In addition, the price is 1780 yen free shipping on Amazon.

Cheero DANBOARD USB AC ADAPTOR High power 3.1 A 2 port USB quick charger Folding type iPhone 6Plus / 6/5/5/5/5/4/4, iPad Air, iPad mini, Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 , Galaxy Tab, Xperia, Nexus 7, smart phone, tablet, Wi-Fi router etc. Charging compatible | Home electronics / camera mail order

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The face of Danbo now became an AC adapter "cheero Danboard USB AC Adapter" review - GIGAZINE

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