"Cheet.js" that can implement Konami commands on the website

In the WestPlayStation 4WhenXbox OneHas been released and home game machines are changing generations, but they should also be called the originators of home game machinesFamily computer(NES), a hidden command that blew the worldKonami Command"Can be implemented on the website is"Cheet.js"is.

Cheet.js - easy easter eggs (konami code, etc) for your site

KONAMI COMMAND is a type of hidden command often used in KONAMI 's game. It is a basic form to input "buttons up and down, left and right, left and right BA" with the controller, but there are various derivation commands besides this and because it was a hidden command which is so famous as to be incorporated even in games other than Konami, In the meantime there should be some people who tried Konami commands at game play.

"Cheet.js" allows you to implement such old-fashioned Konami commands on the website. Since it seems that Konami commands are implemented in the site of cheet.js author Louis Acresti, I will try it at once.

Louis Acresti

On the site, when you type "up (↑)", "↑" mark appeared.

I will enter Konami commands like this. "Upper, lower, left and right, left and right b" are entered and "a" is input ...

Acresti 's photo changed. By the way, further changes when entering further Konami commands in this state ... ....

The source of the site looks something like this. In addition to the Konami command in the code you can see that hidden commands such as "iddqd" and "google" are prepared.

If you type "iddqd" as a test ... ...

My eyes glowed.

Enter "google" ...

The eyes roll out and the cage and rotation.

The external file of cheet.js is a ZIP file ......

It is prepared with TAR ball.

Because the KONAMI command was too famous, there are games that were not self-bombarding but power-up when entering, but it may be interesting to add something as a surprise to site visitors.

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