How to display the emulation menu hidden in the mini play state 'PlayStation Classic'

" PlayStation Classic " which made compact enough to put the first PlayStation on the palm was released on a limited quantity on December 3, 2018. Users have discovered that emulation menus are hidden in such PlayStation classic.

Players find secret emulation menu hidden in PlayStation Classic | Ars Technica

I found a hidden emulation menu in PlayStation Classic, a channel called RETRO GAMING ARTS that posted movies about retro games on YouTube. According to RETRO GAMING ARTS, when connecting a specific USB keyboard to PlayStation Classic and pressing " Esc key ", it is possible to launch "PCSX menu" with options on emulation.

RETRO GAMING ARTS has released a movie that actually displays the emulation menu.


When I press the Esc key on the USB keyboard connected to the main unit on the PlayStation Classic game screen ......

The following menu will be displayed. Select "PCSX Menu" in this.

Then a menu on the emulation of the game like the one shown below will be displayed.

Select "Options".

Then, a screen that allows you to display FPS on the game screen and display the save status is displayed.

Furthermore, selecting "[Advanced]" ... ...

You will be able to display the CPU loading status and so on.

Although it is suggested that movies can access hidden menus with a USB keyboard, when the viewer of the movie tried to actually display the emulation menu, it is possible that CORSAIR 's " K70 " and " K95 ", Logitech's identification We have reported that the display of the menu was able to be confirmed only with the high end keyboard of. Ars Technica of overseas media wrote that "This is probably due to a defect in the USB blacklist of the hardware itself," and I tried over 15 keyboards, but other than "K70" and "K95" There is also a report that the keyboard did not work.

Ars Technica wrote, "It's relatively easy to figure out the internal behavior from the PlayStation Classic's emulation menu, so it's more likely that hackers will find a way to fully control the hardware immediately."

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