In the "Evangelion and Japanese sword exhibition" that came to the Ueno Royal Museum, the first public items were also exhibited

In 2012 Okayama prefecture's "Bizen long-haul sword museumStarting from the beginning, not only throughout the countryFrance and SpainBut it is said that "Evangelion and Japanese sword exhibition" decided to be held will be held from November 23 (Saturday) until December 23 (Monday) at Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, Together with "Kaiyodo Evangelion Figure World" to be held at the same time I have seen the situation a while.

Evangelion and Japanese sword official homepage | Ueno Royal Museum

Ueno Royal MuseumArrived at

A poster of the exhibition on the wall

During the exhibitionKaiyodoDiorama exhibition by a figure created by "Kaiyodo Evangelion Figure World"Is being held at the same time.

In front of the venue, ceremonies · Asuka · Langley, Ayanami Rei, Makinami · Mari · Illustrious are welcoming you.

On the day of the interview, the race queen wearing the character's costume also greeted me.

It is "Spear of Longinus" that exceeds 3 meters in length that draws a lot of attention at the venue. It is made using a special material called "Damascus steel" made by a technique of laying a plurality of metals as a material in layers.

The surface texture called "Ayasugi skin" produced by Damascus steel. It seems that rare metals such as nickel and cobalt are used abundantly.

Posing with the spear of Longinus

The first aircraft is welcoming at the venue aisle

Here is what reproduces the Magorok · Exterminate · Sword appearing in "Evangelion ANIMA".

The part of "handle (handle)" which holds a sword has a mark of NERV.

This is also a reproduction of the counter sword appearing in "Evangelion ANIMA"

Japanese sword and Evangelion world view are fused.

Here is the one which reproduced the Vizeno sappoon which was developed for model II machine. Actually, there are restrictions on the production due to law, it is reproduced by hard work by the sword maker.

A work inspired from a sword like Nata developed for the F 2 type equipment, "ATF sword"

This is the "Awakening Firing Surface" created with the image when the first machine awakens. It seems that almost all parts are made by knocking out from one iron plate.

A short sword made with images of the second impact

Due to the fine pattern appearing on the surface, the state of the confusion given by the second impact is reproduced.

Kaoru NagisaWorks created by imagining

Express the image of Kaoru with a finish that can not be seen with an ordinary sword

And this was the first public releaseRei AyanamiSpecification swords

A short sword of the first machine image ......

This image of Unit 2 image also a short sword

There is a mark of NERV in the sheath (sheath). Although it is a very small mark, it is what a craftsman used to draw with lacquer by hand. When I see the real thing, I am amazed at its fineness.

Asker is embossed on the blade.

A dagger of the specifications of the No. 0 machine

In this blade, there is a relief that the dragon is entangled with the spear of Longinus.

A dagger that imaged Mali

Helmet that imagined the first machine (Kabuto)

Progressive Knife also like this

These works are based on the project that 16 people from the nation from the swordmen seriously tried to reproduce the view of the world of Evangelion. From each work seemed to convey the commitment and thought that craftsmen could put in.

At the venue, a craftsman performs a demonstration of engraving, and you can have a key ring with a name.

next,"Kaiyodo Evangelion Figure WorldMove to.

Welcoming of characters

Here, many famous scenes appearing in the work are exhibited with dioramas using figures.

Reproduce the entry plug which puts a ray and escaped emergently from the No. 0 machine

"One more ~ ​​!!"

"Ahead of time"

The first machine figure of the human nature is also displayed.

Evangelion and Japanese sword exhibitionIn the venue, there is also a corner that explains the history of Japanese swords in an easy-to-understand manner.

Also near the venueL'UENO (Rueno)In Lotteria in the inside, limited design tumbler which can only be purchased here is being sold.

It can be purchased for 500 yen with a set of favorite drinks

Two kinds of designs, Asuka and Ray are prepared. Since it is said that there are a limited number of people, you may wish to visit a store on the way home after visiting the exhibition.

Evangelion and Japanese sword exhibition will be held at Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo from Saturday, November 23 to Monday December 23.

Evangelion and Japanese sword official homepage | Ueno Royal Museum

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