Father asked for deletion on the assumption that his son's body photograph is posted on Google Maps

ByJohan Larsson

Kevin Barrera (14 years old), the son of Jose Barrera living in the city of Richmond, the west coast of the state of California, was killed in August 2009. My father, Jose, has asked Google to delete this picture, as the figure of the murdered son appears in the satellite picture of Google Maps.

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In Google Maps, you see Kevin who is shot by a gun along the railroad track near the home of Richmond and is fallen in large letters, policemen and police officers standing by that.

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Jose, the victim's father, knew the existence of this photo around the beginning of last week, he told Google immediately to delete the image after seeing the picture. Looking at this picture, Jose says that memories of Kevin will overwhelm as if I remembered the incident like yesterday.

According to Rob Enderle, a technology engineering analyst, if Jose's family wants Google to delete this picture, he says it will be forced a fairly hard fight. However, Mr. Jose said that he did not intend to accept the answer "NO" from Google, and he seems to have plans to raise an appeal and ask legislators for help. According to Jose's word, "It is now his mission to" catch the culprit who murdered his son and delete the photo of the son's body ".

Furthermore, at the stage of writing the article, the culprit who murdered Kevin is still unknown, and the picture on Google map is not deleted.

2013/11/20 9:22 Addendum
Google said in a statement on 18th local time, "There has been no precedent that we have advanced maps of satellite images ahead of schedule, but in this case we would like to treat them as exceptions in light of the situation," and replacing the pictures It is expected that it will take about 8 days.

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