Arrest a thief based on a picture of Google Street View

Google Street ViewIt happened to see the appearance of the theft site and it seems there was an incident that the thief was arrested based on that picture.

Privacy issues and others are often covered in Google Street View, but it seems to be useful in such an unusual form as well.

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Twin thieves busted by Google Street View - Tech and gadgets -

Last September in the northeast of Amsterdam, the capital of the NetherlandsGroningenA 14-year-old boy said he informed the police that he was dragged down from a bicycle riding a man of two people and was robbed of 165 euros (about 22,000 yen) with his cell phone. And in March of this year, as a victim juvenile who was riding a bicycle at Google Street View in the street scene was taken and a person who seemed to be two criminal were reflected, if you check whether the victim 's juvenile is himself or not, It was a photograph of the day, it turned out that the two men who were reflected were the criminal of the theft case.

Because Google Street View is blurring in the face with privacy measures, the police asked Google to send a blurless original image. The investigation was proceeded based on that original image and it seems he arrested the criminal this month.

This is a picture of a theft site on Google Street View.
Merwedestraat Groningen - Google Maps

The identity of the two-person arrested has not been announced, but the two are twin brothers. It seems that we are considering what kind of crime the prosecution currently impose.

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