Movie will be played 1.6 million times while the criminal who posted elderly shot movies on Facebook is on the run

A shocking incident occurred when a man living in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, stopped and shot a man who was collecting aluminum cans and posted all the shots taken on Facebook. The movie was reproduced 1.6 million times before it became private. The criminal was not caught at the time of the article posting, and the police authorities paid a reward of 50,000 dollars (about 5.45 million yen) against the information that leads to the arrest of the criminal.


Facebook video of elderly man being murdered gets over 1.6 million views | Ars Technica

The Latest: Vigil held for Facebook video shooting victim - The Washington Post

The video was posted on local time April 17th, Easter afternoon. Steve Stevens suspects that "I am looking for someone to kill from now," while photographing the surroundings.

A 74 - year - old man who was collecting aluminum cans in the eyes of the suspects. Stevens suddenly told the man of the victim the name of the woman, talking, "I'm a woman who will cause you from now," and gunned a gun on my face. The man is raising his hands "I do not know anything". The picture posted in the Washington Post has not been reflected from here, but the suspects shot the man after this.

Stevens cited the name of the woman who had been involved before, and it is believed that there was frustration between the two people, and that the influence caused the crime. The woman is protected by the police as being suspected of being suspected by the suspect, but he told the suspect, "It was a very nice guy who is generous to everyone, kind and loving to her," I will.

Movie released by Stevens was reproduced 1.6 million times before it was unpublished. The police are pursuing the place of the suspects and they are also wanted, but at the time of posting the article is still unknown. The police are paying 50,000 dollars for incoming information, but if you find a suspect, they are calling out attention not to touch themselves.

Stevens said that "I killed 14 other people" in the other publicly disclosed videos, but the police said that the corresponding victim was not found.

◆ 2017/04/19 additional note
Steven posted on Facebook how he was shooting an elderly man and killed himself with a handgun.

Homicide Investigation / Steve Stephens / Facebook Incident Final Update | Cleveland Division of Police

A store clerk who was engaged in a drive-through at McDonald's in Pennsylvania Erie, about 160 kilometers from where Stevens shot the elderly man reported to the police because he confirmed Stevens suspect. As the police came, Stevens ran away in Ford Fusion but was quickly surrounded. Police officers confirmed the car that stopped, Stevens suspected that he was killed while shooting a bullet in his head. Suicide by Stevens suspected that the incident had ended for the time being.

In addition, at the following NBC New York site, you can check the statement of Cleveland police in the movie.

Tip From Alert McDonald's Worker Led Officers to Facebook Killing Suspect | NBC New York
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