SF short film "AZARKANT" depicting a gutskin battle between humans and robots

A short film that depicts a spectacular one-fight of a human who was exploring a spacecraft and a large-sized robot lurking inside the spacecraftAZARKANT"Has been released. High qualityCGIIt is made by making full use of, and although the battle between a human and a robot is a powerful full point, the tension continues to be exciting and it is finished in contents which is quite obvious.


A spaceship flying somewhere near the planet.

The character suddenly appears on the monitor.

I seem to have found a spaceship, but there is no biological reaction inside the ship, the danger level can not be measured.

I will approach the discovered spaceship.

While exploring the vicinity of a spaceship ... ...

I found a hatch.

Open hatch with giant machine hands and begin invading spacecraft.

When the door opens slowly ......

Suddenly the voice of the robot told me "Please stand in the middle."

If you do according to the voice of the robot, the ground suddenly sinks and it goes down to the basement. Apparently it was an elevator.

The place where we arrived was a pitch dark space.

The hero starts exploring while hero.

When I was exploring, I arrived at a space like a long passage.

Discovered the remains of a human being who has become white-collar in a space like a passage.

Looking around as if saying "It's strange ... ...." ...

I discovered the human body again.

Suddenly a loud noise is heard from the back when the hero is blown up.

The main character who looks back in surprise.

In the back of the aisle there was a robot that looked at the main character.

The robot suddenly started firing.

The hero who was surprised at the shooting is hidden once in the shade.

A robot searching for a hero.

While analyzing the surroundings, the robot is exploring the hidden hero.

If you are a little relieved without finding it in a robot ......

The robot attacked by breaking through the wall where the hero was leaning.

The hero who is grabbed is ... ....

I will be thrown away with a pawn in the back.

A hero who crashes into the wall and gives him a limp.

However, it started up with a stick of metal that had fallen in my hand and started a battle.

Dodge the punch of the robot on the verge of justice.

The hero takes a short distance from the robot ... ...

Run with metal stick in hand.

Jump near the robot and visit us for a blow.

The position of the protagonist who lands on the ground and the angle of the camera are "Matrix ReloadedIt looks exactly like the trinity at the beginning scene.

Attack of the hero is also vain, the robot sees no damage.

The hero who is thrown to the robot again.

A hero who is impersonating ... ...

Grab and hold the robot with your right hand.

The robot starts analyzing the hero.

I ask the spaceship pilot how to dispose, but the pilot is already dead.

Robots who did not receive new instructions will obey the orders as they always said "Please exclude all moving objects."

The main character is holding a metal stick in the right hand.

Suddenly the visibility of the robot has disappeared. Has the protagonist successfully beat the robot?

Spaceships and robots etc appearing in AZARKANT are all CGI created using one PC. Without any dialogue, the story goes on, but with the high-quality footage it is finished so that you can better understand the contents with just the sight alone, it is just amazing at the skill of the creators.


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