Animation which roughly understands all of "alien 2" in 60 seconds "Speedrun: Aliens in 60 seconds"

James Cameron's supervisor "Avatar" "Terminator 2" "Titanic"Alien 2There is 137 minutes, but it has become an animation which roughly understands the outline which shrinks it to only 60 seconds. While shouting at the workshop, Chibi Chara runs around, so it's pretty comical, and the story of a stupid thing is getting even more drastic by compressing the story.

Caution! : Even roughly speaking, speechless speaking is spoiled so visit us from here on your own risk.

Speedrun: Aliens in 60 seconds (Ep # 4) - YouTube

Beginnings Beginning

When Ripley awakens, there is a cat who entered cold sleep together at the end of the last time ... ...

Thinking that it pierced stomach and alien appearance

A dream called ... ...

To the planet which seems to be a nest of aliens variously


Inside messed up

Residents have disappeared somewhere, rescuing hidden girls

To next building

Inside is completely alien nest, state that there are mountains of parasitic people

Alien appeared

Walla Walla comes out, Coca

Retreat on board an armored personnel carrier

I'm back

Drop ship (falling boat) which carried to here as it says toy crashes

Since there is no choice, to re-enter, Wow

A young lady guides the escape route while sacrificing the aliens coming out of Don Don and earning time

Aliens chasing after from vent while moving through vents, intense battle

The young woman dropped down as it was and the other man who survived missing, took an acidic body fluid of aliens and his eyes, eye!

Ripley is fully equipped and resumes for rescue of a young girl ......

Respond to Queen Aliens with Flamethrower, incinerate all alien eggs

I drove by a descending boat to the mother ship

Large explosion, explosions of alien nests, Chuudon

Return to mother ship

If it says that it was good it's a white body fluid that the body of the bishop is split into two

Queen aliens appeared, Ripley also appeared in power loader

Leave the Queen alien as it is to the universe

Happy ending, Happy ending.

Incidentally,Blu-ray version "Alien 2"It has become a re edited complete version, all in 155 minutes, all the scenes that have increased are complete with satisfactory completeness, no extra scenes at all, the DVD version so far overwhelmingly picture quality, sound quality, powerful etc. Has become an order of magnitude, and it is worth seeing, "Aliens 2 was a powerful movie so far?"

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