Movie 'OVERLORD' trailer that zombies attacked by the Nazi set in World War II will be released

Trailer of movie " OVERLORD " produced by Mr. JJ Abrams, who is known for directing such as "Star Trek" and "Star Wars / Awakening of Force" has been released on YouTube.

OVERLORD (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

A flight of an airplane flying over the sea. You can see the various boats going down the sea.

Hold the trembling knees with one hand ... ...

A dark expression is a soldier / voice who plays Giovan Adepo .

Soldiers in the airplane.

They are paratroopers who are participating in an overloading strategy aimed at invasion to Europe under the occupation of Nazi · Germany. Everyone said that he also had a dark expression ......

Suddenly, the plane receives an enemy raid.

In an airplane falling into a panic condition.

A wielding officer to be blown up.

It is judged impossible to continue flying like this, and soldiers of paratroopers are pushed down from the airplane with a shout of "Go!

The trembling voice was also thrust down at the beginning.

Immediately after that, the airplane on board had exploded.

Voice finishes enemy's attacks and opens a parachute somehow ......

Reach the ocean.

Voice to advance the march in the back voice "Welcome to France!"

There are only a few members of paratroopers who could join safely.

Soon the building appeared ... ...

The voices arrived at the village where electricity passed.

There was a cooperative woman in the Allied Army in the village.

Whether there is something secret in the village, a lot of soldiers strictly warned.

The voice that was walking in the building ... ...

I found a light leaked from a slightly open door.

Trying to be afraid ... ...

There was a man scooping up on the floor while groaning.

I will shoot the gun ... ....

The person being shot does not make it tremor.

Nazi female soldier with flame radiator.

Scientists in white laboratory are observing the situation staring.

Soldiers who infiltrated the mysterious facility ......

Discovered a detained person.

Several syringes line up, with some unidentified liquid being filled.

The soldier will ask, "What is this?" ...

While asked men shed blood, they will not answer anything.

Soon the soldiers ... ...

I will discover a mysterious bag with several cords connected.

When thinking that the inside of the bag moved, a trace like a human finger came up clearly.

A strange blood-colored woman is staring at here ... ...

A zombie roams while roaring.

A woman escaping in a hurry.

The building explodes.

Soldiers and others prepare guns and prepare to fight against someone.

A man suddenly whirling his body suddenly.

Blood vessels are raised in the arms.

Since the war is in progress, the plane fly around the head ... ...

Bombing is also taking place.

What is the voice that the voice saw before the vacant hole on the wall ...?

"OVERLORD" will be released nationwide on November 9, 2018. The date of publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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